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[Mod] Ghosters Armor Retextures
A collections of retextured armors I'll be releasing whenever. These textures may or may not be updated. All the download links are modular so you can choose the ones you like! Big Grin Textures are only double the original size so they don't look too clean compared to the rest of those scummy textures. Download links are in the attachments.

Download instructions: Just copy the files from the folders into your SWGemu texture directory.


Stormtrooper Armor (9/18/16) Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/XcMNo

Composite Armor (9/18/16) Pictures: http://imgur.com/a/CmjEF

Attached Files
.zip   CompositeArmor.zip (Size: 4.73 MB / Downloads: 112)
.zip   StormTrooper.zip (Size: 3.18 MB / Downloads: 66)
Thank you very much for your work Smile
I really like the way you modded the composite armor. Yep, the composite armor looks great!
[Image: Vidi.gif]
Mind if I include these as an option in my compilation?
(2016-09-23, 08:04 PM)eqsanctum Wrote: Mind if I include these as an option in my compilation?

Nope don't mind at all just make sure to put credit where credit is due Big Grin

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