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[Mod] Hairstyles and Clothing
I was curious if anyone had made any mods for hair and clothing, or if anyone will possibly be making them in the future. Thanks! Smile
Texture wise I and a few others have it planned, it just depends to when we get around to it! Hopefully in the first half of next year, but I can't promise anything right now.

Model wise, unless someone finishes a .mgn exporter, no chance for now.
There are actually a bunch of hairstyles in the client files that were never really used. Sullustans for example have some badass hairstyles in the client, but they were never actually given hair, with the exception of a few NPCs. Tongue

It'd be nice to get them working at some point since we're still waiting for an MGN exporter anyway. Obviously there's some server side work to be done for that though.
Thanks for the info Timbab and Tonberry!...... it's sharp! (couldn't resist lol)

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