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[Mod] ILM conversion
can anyone release a version of the ILM FINAL mod, that is compatible with the emu?

for anyone that doesnt know, the ILM FINAL was a graphical mod that up scaled the swg (NGE) graphics. it was a primarily space mod, but it did a lot to the ground game as well, along with adding a half completed death start to the sky of endor.

you can find the ILM FINAL mod here http://forum.modsource.org/index.php?top...86#msg6686
The planets looked so much better in ILM...hope that it can be done. Can it be done? lol
[Image: tifasig.jpg]
[Image: tifasdo.png]
I'll look into it.
Just an update;

I figured parts of the mod out already, some of the effects might be NGE only though, due to how the .exe handles them. Been trying hard for the past 3 days to work my way through the shaders, but they're resisting hard. At the moment I can't modify the pixel shaders, but perhaps in the next few days I'll get my compiler to spit the files out the way I want them to.

I don't know if I'll be able to port ILM 100%, but I'm trying to overhaul the shaders better than his bloomy over contrast mess anyway.

And trust me, his ground stuff textures aren't really modified, but, just wait a bit... Wink

What the guy achieved though, that no one else did, is this:



Driving me crazy.
Fog blur fog fog blur fooog bluRrrrR. [Image: 1810.gif] [Image: 1787.gif]
[Image: mtgsig.png]
I'm guessing no one ever finished this

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