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[Mod] Imperial Officer Ranks For Shirts
Hello, First and foremost I used to mod on modsource I believe under the name of Vever Fett but I don't remember. I mainly did swaps and I did the Drive able atat mod I really was sad to find out that when I attempted to access modsource and I could not get through anymore. there were lots of good mods we may never get back one I really enjoy for RP was the mod that added imperial officer ranks onto undershirts. I would appear the the original author of the mod is no longer making content so I wish to carry on this mod from scratch. So I present Imperial Ranks Version 1. This is meant to give player the feeling of being an ranked Imperial officer instead of some bloke with the uniform but no rank.
Copied from readme.txt
Provides Player with Imperial Officer Ranks of Lieutenant, Major, General, and Commander.
This Replaces The Plain Shirt, Dress Shirt, Ribbed Shirt, and Wooly Shirt
This works for both Male and Female.
Useful for RP

Expect more update and please give constructive feedback request any ranks you would like to see make it into the mod. I hope eventually servers will incorporate this into an item that you can buy from the recruiter when you reach the level so that everyone can see it not just you and the other mod users

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