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[Mod] Less Speeder Smoke Mod
Less Speeder Smoke Mod
By Travington

I, as well as a few others, had grown sick of the massive amount of smoke billowing out of our speeders' exhausts which was heavily obscuring our view to a point of blindness. In light of this, I've created a mod aimed towards lessening the opacity of the speeder's smoke effect.

[Image: pPrvOAp.png]

[Image: JMQDBpW.png]

To install the mod, simply drop the folders within the zip into your Star Wars Galaxies game installation. For SWGEmu, it'd be the location you can find within the launcher at Settings->Options->SWGEmu Folder.

The mod doesn't conflict with or overwrite any other mod that I know of at the time of posting this. If you find a confliction or overwrite, please let me know via any form of contact available including this post.


As with most Emulators, SWGEmu does not provide support for modded clients. If you plan to file bug reports with them or ask for assistance, you absolutely must be using a vanilla client. If you plan to play with a modded client while also filing bug reports, I suggest keeping handy both a Play Client and a separate Vanilla Client for bug confirmation and testing.
That's a nice one!
[Image: Vidi.gif]
Now this is a mod I can get behind.
Very nice mod!

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