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[Mod] My Expanded Music Mod

My Music mod, this mod adds more music to the planet themes and/or expands on them, I changed a couple to be what I feel more "suitable" to that planet such as endor(Now playing actual endor theme from ROTJ) and lok (Jabba's palace theme from ROTJ, for that piratey feel. Also I felt it fit as the theme plays also in the game Jedi Outcast, on a very similar planet.) The music also plays longer now that a couple of seconds, so they feel more like proper planet "themes" now,rather than a snippet. To install these files, simply download this archive, unzip it then simply go to your SWGEmu folder and place all of the files in the "Music" folder.

Download Link:


I have edited the files to make the music louder now as I had a couple of people report it was too quiet, this is now fixed, also I have fixed the bug where one of the tracks in the Corellia theme cuts out half way through.
Am doanloading and trying them out as i type this. but there is a error in the download link, you seem to have corellia 2* and no Dantooine.
(2014-02-01, 11:23 AM)eladi Wrote: Am doanloading and trying them out as i type this. but there is a error in the download link, you seem to have corellia 2* and no Dantooine.

strange, works for me...
I think he means that you posted corellia two times and forgot Dantooine.

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/j358oj1myhl5ed6/XUZvjEhYQR/mus_theme_corellia.mp3    <-
https://www.dropbox.com/sh/j358oj1myhl5ed6/XUZvjEhYQR/mus_theme_corellia.mp3    <-

Though, the mus_gloom_a might be Dantooine, I forget.
Ah, well this mod is not the same mod that adds the brand new themes like dantooine and yavin anyway, that's a separate one that can be found on the site.

Updated once more, took another look at the files, did some sound correction, should be less loud now as some tracks were quite "OP loud", so I compressed them a bit, also helps with the quality while still loud enough to hear during game play but is less drowning.

All the files are now contained in a single 7ZIP file that are to be extracted after downloading.

Some tracks have had minor changes, mainly Tatooine and Naboo themes have changed a little, replaced some tracks that were not as suitable with better ones. All music still tracks from SW games/films that are played on Tatooine, as for Naboo added the Alderaan SWTOR music, as I found it quite fitting.

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