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[Mod] NGE blaster effects
So guys, I was also wondering, if the blaster effects and such could be implemented in swgemu also, as they are far better in my opinion and I think it would be great to see.
apparently I had a reply to this thread but I cant see it, was it deleted?

the preview in my email said

(djehd#ryndom[a..z]ye has just replied to a thread which you have subscribed to at Mod the Galaxy. This thread is titled NGE blaster effects.

Here is an excerpt of the message:
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???? what? lol
Probably spam of some kind. As for blaster effects, I'm pretty sure that takes place client side and if you were to replace the current effect file with the nge file (so long as the format hasn't changed) you will get the desired effect. I didn't play the NGE but for a day, but are you referring to the actual lasers and whatnot, or did they add something in addition to that I'm unaware of?

Edit: If it is the lasers you want to change, look at appearance/sprite for the actual lasers.
Yeah the actual lasers, I wouldn't know where to get the NGE lasers though or how to mod them
If you have a patched version of the NGE you can use a tre extractor to get it. All you need to do to install a swap is rename the file of the laser you want to the laser you want to replace(they might be the same name even) and replicate the folder structure. To do just make an "appearance" folder in your swg install. In side the "appearance" folder make a new "sprite" folder. then place the file in that. SWG has preference for loose files over packed files in the TREs.
do you know which file I need to open with the tree, as there are so many, I have been looking through, but cant find any laser textures, maybe im going blind lol
I'd assume you have the .toc files from the NGE, so open the first one, do a search for "pt_".

All textures are in the /texture/ patch, you'll have to look for the right ones. For example there are "pt_bolt_...." and "pt_bls_...." files.

Then there are also .prt and .cef files. ".prt" are the full particle files (linking to shader and texture) and ".cef" are basically specific links to ".prt" files. PRT are found in the appearance folder, CEF in the clienteffect folder and then you have the sprites Nelk mentioned in the appearance/sprite folder.

Haven't messed around or tested anything, don't have the time right now, but look around there.
I actually cant find any TOC files what so ever, just TRE files, I have even done a search for the files using the start up menu bar, and nothing on TOC what so ever, plenty of TRE.

Im using TRE explorer, which also opens TOC, nothing at all, im using the complete online adventures version if that makes any difference
Hmm, I'll upload my .toc files, no idea if they work with your client.

You might need to download all the files Uli uploaded from that were updated to the last patch, but it seems to be down atm.

Try these. http://www8.zippyshare.com/v/15481259/file.html


Here is another mirror.


Taken from here http://www.modthegalaxy.com/forums/threa...c-s?page=3
Thanks, I'll give those files a whirl

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