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[Mod] NGE Weapon Ranged Effects Mod v1.01 -- Updated - 23.10.2013
Hey there, sorry for necro, but me and my friends were using this and found that one weapon was firing error boxes. Not entirely certain exactly which it is, since it was an NPC, but I think it was a heavy weapon. Probably a rocket launcher, it sounded like it. The DL44 Metal Pistol is also missing visual effects AND sounds.

Would appreciate any further fixes, since this goes a long way to a modernized Pre-CU mod setup Wink

Thanks a bunch
Oh god, I forgot about that bug.

Will try to do an update sometime in the near future. If you find more specific weapons, do post.
So I found the weapon, it was the launcher pistol that has error box particles, but has rocket launcher launching sounds. The rocket launcher has no launching sounds, but does have impact sounds. And...the missiles are weird cause it looks like giant flamethrower flames.
Thanks, will try to look into it this week.
(2013-10-22, 07:02 PM)Timbab Wrote: Updated - 23.10.2013

I just saw that the Nym Slugthrower had missing files, here is the hotfix for v1.0.
I've also updated the installer and manual instal with the missing files, v1.01, no need to get the hotfix if you downloaded v1.01 or higher.

To install:
  • Simply copy the folders inside "Nym Slugthrower Hotfix" into your SWGEmu directory.


So, I'm finally done! That cliche story of modding, you start a simple project and end up creating a monster that wants to eat you.

This mod aims to swap out all the current weapon visual and sound effects with their NGE counterparts.

I've tried my best to keep the effects as they were, but  due to the fact that SWG started using a new 'combat_effects_ranged' manager to handle most of the crucial files and what happens with them (color, sound pitch, etc), I had to create workarounds that function with the old system.

Another thing was some of the NGE shaders, which don't translate how they should in the old client, so I had to tweak some of the shaders and use older versions for others.

For anyone curious on the technical side, I'll be creating a fairly lengthy guide that explains the whole link chain, what and where to edit, and how to not lose your mind.

One of the biggest things I've done with this mod, is create a structure for future effect mods, that link nearly every weapon to individual file chains, in comparison to the original system, which mostly linked back to the same files, making it so, if you wanted to change a CDEF carbine effect, you'd end up changing the effect of 8 other weapons. But no more!

Enough of the talk, here is the download!

Note on installing:
  • When running the installer, make sure your path really is /SWGEmu/ and not /SWGEmu/SWGEmu/.
To uninstall:
  • Simply run the uninstaller that gets created in your SWGEmu folder.

If you want to remove the new effect chain of a single weapon, simply go to /SWGEmu/object/weapon/ranged/, then go into whatever type of weapon it is and delete the file with the weapon name.

Note: This mod needs testing and feedback. I only had the chance to test a handful of weapons. Please post about any glitches, bugs, missing effects, wrong looking effects, etc.


MatthewStarWars, over at SWGEmu noticed that the DH17 and CDEF Carbine/Pistol sounds aren't as they were in the movies, so he created a little fix for them. Here is the original post

hotfix link is broken

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