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[Mod] Overlay map
Would it be possible to get a smaller overlay map that doesn't take the whole screen so I can see my character, when I'm in a city?
something more like on Terra UI:
Or maybe change the transparency?
At the moment I don't think so, since the only UI modifications you can make client side, are 'dumb' basically, since the UI is hardlocked in the client and you'd need to do client injections to make any 'special' mods.

But, transparency might be possible on the actual planetary map.

Gonna try to experiment it in the next few days, but would need to restore my SWG setup first, since I had HDD corruption that killed my SWG archives.
Thank you for helping.
It would be the buildings/structures/interiors transparency essentially, not sure if you can precisely select those though.
You mean, for the ctrl+m, map, not the ctrl+v map?
ctrl+m !
Oh, hmm, things might be more possible then.

I'll tinker when I get the time to and have my environment set up again.

Edit: Hm, I just realized that there seems to be no .inc for the actual overhead map, at least by the first looks of it. It must be hardcoded then, so it'll have to wait.

But I'll check it out in detail, at a later point.
Ok thank you for checking out!

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