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[Mod] Radial menu option to switch off vehicle
Those vehicles are really loud when one is out there in the middle of the landscapes and trying to just enjoy the silence out there, but I don't want to store them away. If there's a way toa dd the option to silence the engine noise, that's be great, thanks!
Anything interface related is not possible for the time being.

Can't say I can think of a different way to switch/turn on/off sounds for it either, tbh. Worst case, just turn off ingame sounds? Or 'kill' the swoop and speeder sounds all together.

Not pretty fixes, I know, but, hm.

Question though, are you talking about stationary bikes or the one you're flying, too?
I was talking about the personal vehicles. I also posted in a different thread (http://www.modthegalaxy.com/forums/threa...b?pid=5817) and solved the issue in a different way, which worked out really nice, the vehicle just sounds like a light hum or buzz.
All good then. Smile

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