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[Mod] Request for Force power cost: change from integer to decimal
Pretty simple I would think, I can't do it.  When you click on a tuned crystal or Krayt dragon pearl they show a force power cost which range from 0 to -9.9.  Issue is that when you examine the crystals or pearls it just shows you the integer without a decimal point, so every FPC you see that says -9 could be anywhere from -9.0 to -9.9.

Tedious testing of every single crystal and pearl that say -9 is required to figure out which ones are the best which is just again another time sink that is not needed.

I'm hoping its just a change in the way it's displayed like the quality of a crafting tool or armor kit upgrade tool  or crafting station all have a decimal point.

Thanks in advance.  Sorry if this is too simple.  I just can't figure it out.
Well, a few views but no responses.   If its doable as a mod let me know or help me get started on the right track.  If it's not modable, ie requires editing the server datatables, that would be good info also.

I just assumed it was just changing the output of the push to the examination window without changing any data. Just a display simple change.
Have you looked in the crystal implementation or pearl or whatnot?
(2017-07-15, 11:49 PM)Phoenix Wrote: Have you looked in the crystal implementation or pearl or whatnot?

I don't have access to the server side of things.  I was hoping it was a display client change that could be made.  If it is server side, if someone could make it possible to see the decimal point on pearls and crytals and hook me up with what needs to be changed.  I would gladly submit it to our server's admin Smile.
Found the code and the dev's brought it live on Flurry server, so all jedi can now see the decimal points for Force power costs. Thanks guys for pointing me in the right direction.

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