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[Mod] Skins and stuff
Ok, so I got the editor for the skins for the faces of the humans, zabrak, and twi'leks, and it's bloody amazing. However, I had two questions...

1) Is there anything in the works to make it so that the skins of the bodies (particularly the hands) are updated as well? I mean, hands look like mittens on SWGEMU right now, at least for me. There's simply no finger definition or line to show where a finger is really.

2) I've seen screen shots of skins (nudes and such) and new clothes edits. Not exactly sure where to download those and if they'd mess up SWGEMU's pre-cu functionality and all.
You have to keep in mind that the character models are fairly low in terms of polygon count, especially the hands, so even with a fancy texture the fingers still aren't going to look defined like they should (for most of races at least). Trandoshans and Ithorians are the only models which have clearly defined fingers and they still aren't great.

For a proper species revamp the model quality really needs to be upped, on top of huge new textures.
Yeah, understandable. Just was curious because when you're wearing gloves you can tell where the fingers are in the ones pressed together, but when not wearing gloves looks like one big lump. Wasn't sure if that was because of the way the rendering is or what, or how easy it would be to put in a sort of rendering that would basically just give it better definition like a gloves fingers.
Most of the glove models are better than bare hands so that's the main reason they have more definition. Some better textures would definitely improve the issue but ideally the models need a minor poly increase to make it worthwhile.

I'm sure once there is a solid selection of model related tools available someone will have a go at fixing this.

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