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[Mod] Swapping in an NGE palette color?

I was wondering if it would be possible for someone to replace the gray of the "Long Formal Jacket" with the gray from the NGE used in the Guide to Imperial Uniforms.

I'm not entirely sure what shade of gray the jacket is that I am wearing, but here is a screenshot for your perusal. You'll note I have the "poofy pants" mod which I believe has the NGE color for the pants.

[Image: uniformi.png]

I hope this is a relatively quick fix and that once the faction items come out next week the proper colors can be given to the stuff you buy from the recruiters, too.


I think the color for the default Long Formal Jacket (the one I got from the Imp Recruiter on Nova matches the one in the picture) is 80797c in HTML.
[Image: tifasig.jpg]
[Image: tifasdo.png]
(2012-10-22, 12:26 AM)ImperialAssasin Wrote: nope.avi
Shouldn't really be too hard to do yourself. Start up treExplorer, find the right .tre (Probably data_other_00.tre), go into palette, find the right .pal and color (Trial and error will do the trick probably), open it the editor included in treE, go to Palettes>Change Color, change it, and that should do the trick.
(2012-10-22, 12:26 AM)ImperialAssasin Wrote: nope.avi

Don't post unless its something useful.

Regarding the topic, NGE Palettes is a rather wide statement. People who played through the NGE even off and on over the years will know they made quite a large number of changes to the palettes, although it's unlikely the palette colours themselves changed until they added those stupid colours like solid black, pink etc.

It's possible the problem may be server side. I haven't touched server-side stuff in a very long time but if I recall the scripts for clothing in the old code did contain some information regarding the palette, which I'd guess was their default colour and of course which palette to actually use. In the new code I would assume it all comes from the client though.

Swapping around the colours in the palette file will just make other items look wrong so I wouldn't recommend taking that approach.

The jacket files themselves probably changed at some point to set a more accurate default colour. My head tends to go blank without the files in front of me, but I'm guessing that would be set in the jacket's shader file where the palette is called, or the IFF file. If you look in the palette and find the right number for the colour you think it should be using, you should then be able to tweak the jacket files (.IFF or .SHT files, I'm not certain) in hex to use that number/colour as default. (Assuming you have a bit of modding experience)

If this is what SOE did (And again I really don't know) then you could just go through the patches until you find some updated files for this particular jacket, chain export and boom that should do it.

Apologies if this made little to no sense, I really need some caffeine.
Yeah, those NGE palettes had some cool new colors but most of them, especially the bright colors, were just shitty crap, the (rather pixelated) crappy details on the textures were gone, and when you look at the new black and white colors, it's laughable, as Berry said, solid black was terrible in every way.

I made a True black mod like the one ModSource made for NGE (along with white, not that creamy yellow piss SOE made) for SWGEmu years ago, it was a quick edit and honestly anyone can do it with TRE Explorer, editing the palettes is easy as cake, and the result was rather cool since I didn't use SOE's color codes, what a joke, but my own, to get actual black and white colors without sacrificing details.

You could do it yourself Ahmose, just open up TRE Explorer (not sure which patch though as I used the NGE table of content files, not the PreCU patches), and look under the "palette" folder, all the files with the "pal" extension are those precious palettes that you want to mess with, you'll have to play around and test them to see what does what, but it's pretty obvious by the names, well most of them.
[Image: mtgsig.png]
Loving some of the description in that post Kay. Tongue I couldn't help but laugh when reading "shitty crap" and "creamy yellow piss" haha. You had a bad day or just really hate NGE? Tongue

Anyway if you edit the .pal files directly, keep in mind it will affect everything. If you just want to correct the default colour a piece of clothing uses, including those you can't actually craft or recolour then the process is more like what I mentioned in my previous post.

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