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[Mod] SWG HQ Eyes
[Image: MARvkmP.png]

This mod replaces the low res eye textures with uncompressed high res ones.
Also includes optional eyebrow and teeth textures.

V1 Includes
- 4x-8x res Eye Textures for Bothans, Humans, Twi'leks, Wookiees and Zabraks.
- 8x res Eyebrow textures for Human and Twi'lek females.
- 4x res Bothan Teeth and 8x res Wookiee Teeth.

Human eyebrows
Twi'lek eyebrows
Bothan teeth
Wookiee teeth

1 Extract the downloaded Zip and run the installer
2 Deselect any option you don't want
3 Point the installer to your SWG emulator installation

Archive version(includes compressed textures - saves ~15 MB)
1 Extract the downloaded Zip anywhere and drag the folders under "HQ Eyes" into your SWG emu directory
2 (Optional) Open "Extras" and "Comp Textures" and drag the compressed textures into your SWG emu "Texture" folder

Incompatible/Install order
If you are using any/all of the below, you should install in this order for best results.

1st - Species Revamp Mod
2nd - HQ Eyes
3rd - LOD Tweak
4th - Species Swap Mod

DavinFelth - for the NSIS script
photoshopweb (from photoshopwebsite.com) - for some of the eyebrows
Marielena (from Deviantart) - for most of the eyebrows

And special thanks to my sis, who thought this would be a good waste of my time. :)

.zip   SWG HQ Eyes v1.zip (Size: 3.78 MB / Downloads: 1,450)

.zip   SWG HQ Eyes v1 Archive.zip (Size: 4.67 MB / Downloads: 328)
Wow, they look so much better, awesome work! Big Grin
"Look, sir, droids!" -- Davin Felth
Nice job
Wow, nice!
looks good on a NGE client Big Grin
Good to see you finally released it. Smile
Attempted to install the mod with the installer provided. was unable to open thumbs.db, any idea how to work around this?
Interesting... when does that happen? As soon as you start the installer or at the end? Can't find much on google, tried a couple tricks tho and made a new installation file. Also, there is now an archive version available, if it still won't install.

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