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[Mod] SWG Icehud?!!
So I was asked by another SWGEmu player, if anyone had seen ICEHud, and I asked what it was. He then gave a link to the ICEHud website and I checked out what he was talking about. I have not jumped into the modding foray for SWG, but after seeing the IceHud layout, I am giving it serious thought. Is there anyone that knows if there is a HUD mod similar to ICEHud out there and if not can are there any solid UI/GUI/HUD editing programs out there for SWGEmu?
Interface edits are possible for SWG but there is no convenient program to do so. It's mostly manual edits you'll have to make yourself in the ui code. The only program available in this area is the UI builder from everquest. Uli was working on giving this program more compatibility with SWG but I don't know if he made enough progress to call it stable or even a convenient option.

In any case as someone who has worked on WoW interfaces in the past, the answer is no, I doubt you'll ever see any SWG UI mods at the same standard as IceHUD or any other WoW addons.
Thanks Tonberry! Yes I have UI builder downloaded and have been messing with that, thanks for the info!

Game on!

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