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[Mod] SWGEmu Species Revamp Mod
Necro'd once more, don't know how to fix it though. Female Zabracks don't walk with this mod installed, did a fresh install and just installed this mod to check it and sure enough, without it they walk, with it.... holding shift and moving around gives the running animation, when they should be walking. female Twilek's are fine, haven't checked female humans.
i cant seem to get htis to work. i have installed it then the swgemu folder but nothing shows up in game. jsut the base species
Well well well... A few minutes back in SWG land and already I find a bug in your work Kay. I suppose I gotta work the rust off somehow though. Now we know why you disappeared... You just weren't up to the job! Shame! Tongue

Anyway there was a shader mistake for male twi'lek markings. The first two options were blank pushing the rest out of sync meaning your pattern will be different once you install the mod and the last option simply wont be accessible.

But have no fear, the fix is here.

Feel free to come back any time Kay and present me with my medal.  Cool
Is there anyway to unlock the Action and Mind bar? I was able to get the health but I am stuck now.

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