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[Mod] The Female Variant of Sand People Armor
Hello Modders. I have always been a Sand People Fanatic, and I was very disappointed when only the Male sand people helmets and robes were available in-game. Here is the Female Variant:
[Image: Tusken_female.jpg]

If anyone can do it, it will be appreciated, or at least instructions on how I can do it myself.
We can't add new models as of yet. That's the only issue. Could make the texture all day, but no model.
Well that is disappointing... I guess I can RP as an Arabian-looking girl with her bantha for the time being....
Models can be done, just not the model format which is used for armor, creatures etc. This is an interesting request though. We have some very clever people working on tools so hopefully it won't be long before we can take on requests like this. Smile
I hope so! I actually just ordered a figurine of a Tusken Female with her son and a male just to fill this void.

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