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Mod The Galaxy Community Content Repository
We are pleased to announce the opening of the Mod The Galaxy Core3 Community Content Repository.

It aims to be a fully-compatible open source Core3 server repository that not only maintains the Pre-CU philosophy but also opens up the possibility for the community to develop and test new community produced custom content that is currently beyond the scope of the current SWGEmu goal of patch 14.1. Things such as, CU and NGE content, server customizable options and also new content such as planets, screenplays, missions, quests, ideas; in fact anything new to the SWG Universe.

We would like to encourage the involvement of the SWG community to participate and submit work for inclusion in this repository (both CU/NGE porting and new content), with a view to it being freely available for use by the growing number of public servers should they so choose. As these servers come, and in some cases, unfortunately go, we hope not to lose any knowledge or techniques that can help the progress of the SWG universe. If any do use it, we just ask that credit is given to the originator on your severs website.

The current plan is to bring in all of the CU and NGE content and to continue looking at what is possible as more tools are developed. We hope to have more in-depth guides available for everyone and have them presented in a more structured way, and again encourage people to submit guides or just notes for inclusion in that section. There is a small wiki with the repo, but that is not seen as the long term solution for the guides and information.

A big thank you to Erusman for the use of his SWGEmu VM, which I have modified for MTG use and it is located here. 

The latest set of consolidated tre files are located here.

Everyone is welcome to submit work for inclusion via the MTG website here. Once tested it will be pushed to the server.

This repository will be kept updated from the SWGEmu repo as often as is possible, and is meant as a development server only and no support will be offered for any other reason.

ModTheGalaxy Community Guidelines Notice:
Viaron Wrote:Special Policy in regards to Server Content Releases: [NOTICE] All "Server" content that is shared with ModTheGalaxy is reviewed by the ModTheGalaxy Staff and tested. Following approval, all content is automatically added to the ModTheGalaxy Community GitHub Repository. You can find more information on this here. Inclusion in the ModTheGalaxy Repository is mandatory and automatic unless specific permission is granted for a user's modification to not be included. The reasoning for this is in total part to our goal of continued documentation, sharing, and open-source proceedings. Specific requests must be emailed to community@modthegalaxy.com if you wish to exclude your modification from the directory repository.

New Content Added So Far:

Post 14 Armour - Arioch (WIP).
Post 14 backpacks - Arioch (WIP).
Post 14 player housing - Duffstone
Kashyyyk Mobs and worldbuilding objects - Lasko
Mustafar Mobs - Lasko
Station Gamma Mobs - Lasko
Post 14 melee & ranged weapons (Heavies WIP) - Lasko
BARC Speeder - Lasko

All Mob's & NPC's
TCG items
Collection Items
All NGE Vehicles (Walkers and Grievous Wheel bike currently are without animations)
All remaining tangible assets including armour, wearables furniture etc.
JTL ships (for when we get JTL)
Storyteller items
All NGE buildings and instance bunkers
All worldbuilding assetts
NGE mission strings etc.
A whole bunch of other stuff.

This constitutes the bulk of the useable NGE assets.

Content being worked on now:
Any fixes
Having some trouble running the VM. I notice it starts with a getstarted fresh script. But, I get an error on like the second part when it asks to copy over your .TRE files. home/swgemu/workspace/tre I have placed the MTG newly complied .TRE and even tried the old ones bottom.tre etc. I still get the error that it could not find the .tre files. in the script.
Fixed the tre error in the script. Should still work even though it throws an error.

Uploading a fixed VM Image nowSmile
(2015-11-24, 09:54 AM)Lasko Wrote: Fixed the tre error in the script. Should still work even though it throws an error.

Uploading a fixed VM Image nowSmile

I got the VM downloaded, the startup script worked fine, compiled fine.  but while it was compileing I did some browsing of the scripting files and I couldn't find anything pointing to the new post-14.1 stuff?  Specifically, I was looking to see how you implemented all the additional houses...  

I feel the modding itch returning,  but I"m not back into it yet...

BTW, what do the consolidated .tre files represent? is it stock 14.1 data?
Sorry for the delay in replying hereSmile

The consolidated tre files are all the 14.1 assets plus everything added so far......So..

What's been added so far. List on front page of wiki. Wiki mostly in note form atm.

Next up is the rest of the worldbuilding assets, which is what I'm working on atm (amongst other things).

For new stuff each of the main loot, screenplay, object and mobile folders has a custom_content folder which I added to keep new stuff completely separate from the stock code. 

For example:
Loot, Mobile, Object, Screenplays
Again, thank you! I am going to redo my development setup in Jan 2016.
I have setup a server based on this repo with client mods using modified SWGEmu launchpad. I will keep it updated with the repo and keep adding suitable client side mods. Thank you for this great project Lasko. My thread here http://www.modthegalaxy.com/forums/threa...n-malaysia
Hi HasanSmile

Great to hear your using the MTG repo, let me know if you run into any problems.

Hopefully it'll be a little more active soon as RL had kinda taken over so everything was a little slower than usual.

If you have any requst's or ideas post them here or PM me and we'll see what we can do.

Also, if you add anything new, consider releasing it here for others to share.

Best of luck.


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