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Mod The Galaxy Community Content Repository
(2017-11-15, 05:30 PM)drdax Wrote: question:  what do i do to solve the build error below?  I followed the steps earlier in the post.
Thanks in advance!
------- output -----------

2 errors
Makefile:70: recipe for target 'idl' failed
make: *** [idl] Error 1
cd utils/gtest-1.6.0 && make all
make[1]: Entering directory '/home/swgemu/workspace/Core3/MMOCoreORB/utils/gtest-1.6.0'
mkdir -p lib
make compile
make[2]: Entering directory '/home/swgemu/workspace/Core3/MMOCoreORB/utils/gtest-1.6.0'
g++   -I./include -I. -I../gmock-1.6.0/include -I../gmock-1.6.0 -c ./src/gtest-all.cc -o lib/gtest-all.o
g++   -I./include -I. -I../gmock-1.6.0/include -I../gmock-1.6.0 -c ../gmock-1.6.0/src/gmock-all.cc -o lib/gmock-all.o
make[2]: Leaving directory '/home/swgemu/workspace/Core3/MMOCoreORB/utils/gtest-1.6.0'
cd lib && ar -rv libgtest.a gtest-all.o gmock-all.o
r - gtest-all.o
r - gmock-all.o
make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/swgemu/workspace/Core3/MMOCoreORB/utils/gtest-1.6.0'
make: Target 'build' not remade because of errors.

Fix from Savage at Rogue One... go back to an earlier repo and copy the following folder into your latest repo.

spoke too soon - still have errors- different - looks like syntax for the mock...

I used an earlier directory from the repo.. can we post the down load link?

Sorry for being a pain-I know I am so close ... LOL

----------OP --------
Thank you very much! and to Savage too Smile

sorry if I missed that post

(2017-11-06, 11:16 AM)Lasko Wrote: *****Repo Update*****

I've added the last of the useable assets from the NGE to the repo now. There is also a new tre file to download.

A big thank you, for help along the way to:

Timbab, Sytner, Takhomasak, Toxic, Que, Asa and Halyn. Gimme a nudge if you didn't get a mention.

So, what's included now?

All Mob's & NPC's
TCG items
Collection Items
Vehicles (Walkers and Grievous Wheel bike currently are without animations)
All remaining tangible assets including armour, wearables furniture etc.
JTL ships (for when we get JTL)
Storyteller items
All NGE buildings and instance bunkers
All worldbuilding assetts
A whole bunch of other stuff.

There's around 8500 new objects in the latest patch for your SWG enjoyment.

Now i've checked the majority of these items, but I would expect some errors to have slipped through. Any feedback would be welcomed as any broken items are found, i can fix them quicker if somebody actually tells me. I would expect further updates/fixes, probably string errors for the most part, but we'll see.

Thank you to Erusman for the use of his SWGEmu VM, which i have modified for the MTG repo. Said repo will continue to be updated from unstable as further work continues.

Lasko, I am using Erusman's SWGEmu VM with the latest from SWGEmu. How would you suggest I add this to my current files? Any advice would be amazing, thank you. (The link in the first post is not working)

Or @Erusman, is there a way you could release a VM Build here with this along with an idea of how to transfer characters and accounts?

Either way, I would be most grateful to either or both!
I have updated the link for the VM on the front page.

It's based on Erusmans VM and pulls from the MtG repo.

All you need to do is import the appliance and "start fresh"

The Tre's are in a folder called /Tre Temp, so just move them to /workspace/tre when the start script asks you to.

There is a readme on the VM desktop. If you run into any problems, just ask here.
UPDATE: works great -super job - no issues
---------------------------op ------------------
thanks! will do and report back after I lose wife aggro !
Minor item : is this expected ? None of these are a show stopper Smile

#1 : [Console] WARNING - could not open lua derv: object/tangible/component/vehicle/base/base_vehicle.iff
#2: [Console] WARNING - expecting SHOT got SSHP in file: object/ship/base/shared_ship_base.iff
#3: [Console] WARNING - expecting SHOT got SITN in file: object/intangible/vehicle/shared_tcg_8_single_pod_airspeeder.iff
#4: [CommandConfigManager] ERROR - Could not create command counterAttack
#1, 3, & 4 are standard errors in code..... ie, does it in stock Emu code.

#3 is known, but doesn't stop it working. Client template appears wrong, although actually is correct if you check the objects.lua and the actual .iff. It's on the ToDo list
thanks - no worries here Smile BTW running well with your install package.. no CTD yet (caused by me, LOL)

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