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[Mod] Unique Planetary Music & Expanded Themes pack
A while ago some may recall I did a tiny mod simply expanded the music duration and themes on a few of the planets so things were not so quiet and dull whilst exploring (A long playing soundtrack in a game is a rather essential and immersive feature in my opinion. ) As well as that, there was a mod made, with help from Timbab, which installed entirely brand new themes on planets that had only generic music before, and no actual unique themes of their own (Such as Talus and Endor).

I decided to merge the two mods into a single pack, as opposed to having them separate, makes things easier.  

I also updated a couple of the files. Adjusted the volume some what of the music so it's not so loud that it drowns out other sounds. (Settings can still be adjusted in game of course if one desires.) I also added a couple of new tracks in some of the files. I have edited and cut some tracks in places for a better ambient feel and flow for each planet.


Endor is playing actual Endor music from ROTJ now. 

Lok no longer plays the music from ROTS and now plays the darker and more shady vibed music themes that is heard in ROTJ in Jabba's palace. I felt these themes were more suitable seeing how Lok is a pirate world. 

Tatooine has multiple Tatooine music themes from the Original Trilogy, Prequel Trilogy, SW Rogue Squadron II, SW KOTOR and SWTOR. 

Talus will now be playing multiple Imperial themed tracks given that it's an imperial fortified world with a heavy military base presence.  

Naboo has the Naboo music from AOTC expanded, a couple of Alderaan tracks from SWTOR and now Naboo theme music from the new 2017 SWBF II game.

Dathomir has Palpatine's opera theme playing from ROTS, some Korriban music from SW KOTOR 2, SWTOR and Snoke's theme from TFA. 

Corellia has several Rebel Alliance themes playing, Coruscant music from TPM and the Taris theme from KOTOR 1

Dantooine has the Dantooine soundtracks from KOTOR 1

Yavin has the Dxun music from KOTOR 2 and Yavin themes from SWTOR.

To install, simply download this package and extract the folders from it (Datables, Music, Sound). paste all those folders into your SWGEmu directory and you're set. 

DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3372w2ubv96mjd...od.7z?dl=0

Thanks for dropping by. Smile
Quick update. Files edited. I changed up the Naboo themes, less gloomy parts and more of a brighter ambient flow to the themes. Yavin no longer has the music from ANH but for now has only the Dxun music as I felt the other track was out of place for the environment.

If I find suitable tracks later I will edit them in.
Mod update.

-Fixed Tatooine loudness, also added more tracks.
- Yavin has additional soundtracks
- Naboo has additional soundtracks

See main post for details.
Mod update, all files volume adjusted after I run through all the planets, seeing what seemed too loud. In the past it was requested I make them louder, but I went from one extreme to the other, so now I finally (years later) balanced them out better now and cleaned up some quality of tracks.
Updated Dathomir tracks, more tracks added from Kotor II and now SWTOR

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