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[Mod] Windows
So one of the cool things in the NGE was the addition of houses with windows, and I never got to experience it. So I decided to see if it could be done.

[Image: house1.jpg]

Here is a house pretty much imported from patch 45 with a few changes. So next step is to do it to a house that never came with windows.

[Image: house2.jpg]

And after 3 weeks, I have success. The second one isn't finished yet since I'm not really good at making curtains.
Looks good man!
Nice job man.
Wow! I'm really impressed!
That is really cool that you were able to add brand new windows, looks great!
"Look, sir, droids!" -- Davin Felth
Dem windows <3
So now I'm done with
-Naboo Small 1
-Naboo Small 2
-Naboo Medium
-Naboo Large
-Naboo Guild Hall

Im getting much better at this to once I figure out what I want to do with the building. Some of the walls have a lot of space between the inside and the outside, so the window sills are pretty big. Few cases of windows on one side of the wall but not the other, so in one case I removed it and in another I completed it. The guild hall was turning into an epic mess trying to add windows since it doesn't have any. So I scraped what I was working on and went for the skylight. Could add some more detail to it, but I think it looks pretty decent right now. Done some more work on the 3dmax msh import/export. Scrapped the max normals and wrote my own calculations. That seems to of fixed all the lighting issues.

[Image: NabooMed.jpg]

[Image: NabooLarge.jpg]

[Image: NabooGuild.jpg]
Moar interior shots plz.

This will breathe new life in my desire to decorate. Just adding windows makes the buildings seem so modern, graphically speaking.
omg! i am so excited about this! Wow! From inside, are there already curtains or can we add them? Is there a way to change the color of the wallpaper maybe? And lastly, is it possibly to reskin the Naboo guild halls to feel more like Theed Palace?

Wow! I am amazed!

Two more questions rosuto, can you ... reskin the exteriors of generic buildings to have a Naboo skin? And lastly, can you place windows in city halls too? Med centers?
now we gotta watch out for peeping toms lol great job man

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