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I still use the site's archived releases, is this site going to be put back online? Sorry if wrong forum.
I have no idea, doubt it. MTG and ModSource weren't ever connected.
did anyone get all their stuff downloaded before it went down? if so, I might be able to host some of that until a new home can be found. not sure if my provider will Grinch or not....
(2015-04-08, 10:15 PM)duffstone Wrote: did anyone get all their stuff downloaded before it went down? if so, I might be able to host some of that until a new home can be found. not sure if my provider will Grinch or not....

If it comes back up Im going to download and host the entire archive from now on. I can't be bothered to worry about whether or not he's going to pay his bill on time.
I have a lot of their stuff backed up. I had a contact there that I'll email and see what's going on with the website. If things aren't going back up, I'll transfer it all here.
good deal
Hey there, friends! I just saw this thread and thought I'd pop in and let you know what happened to ModSource.org.

Yes, ModSource has been down for a while, and I'm afraid it won't be coming up again.

Alas, the people that provided us with server space for ModSource suspended the account for our site some time ago without any warning (I assume they let their server lease expire, but I'm not sure), and I haven't been able to get in touch with them anymore, so I have no idea what exactly went down either.

I was going to back up all the data before that, but backups and downloads from their FTP haven't been working for many months on that server either and my attempts to contact the server admins have been futile.
To add to that, I've sadly also lost all the backups from before the time backups have been impossible to do, as my malfunctioning NAS physically fried it's RAID.

I'm sorry for the mess, but it's sadly out of my hands. I wish it had been otherwise.

Feel free to re-upload any mods from ModSource you may have left here at http://www.modthegalaxy.com if that's alright with the people in charge. Perhaps we can salvage at least some of the good stuff we had over there. Make sure to credit the original creators (if known) and all that jazz, of course. Not sure how many of the mods there work with the current emulators, but I guess they could at least be useful to use as sources to be adapted.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Hoppel who created the original page at mods.mandalorians.de and everyone that visited, supported and contributed to the site over all these years, especially in the heyday of Star Wars Galaxies. You guys were what made the site and it wouldn't have been possible without you. Thank you very much!

And to the people at ModTheGalaxy, keep modding to make the SWG Emulators better!


PS.: Since I still seem to have control over the domain, I'll have it redirect to this post for a while to keep people informed. I hope you don't mind.
I'm sorry to hear that. ModSource was always a great site which I visited very often back in the day. Its sad to see it go but I hope yourself and any other modders who resurface once the emulator is ready show up here and continue putting out great work.

We have big plans for Mod the Galaxy this year. ModSource was always a very successful example of the direction we wanted to go in, but with the emulators we have far more freedom when it comes to modding and we plan on exploiting that as much as possible and supporting as many forms of development as we can. If you know any old modders who still have a passion for SWG be sure to send them our way!
Just saw this. Was trying to get ahold of you,caveman. Sad to see it go down Sad
So, whose going to upload what weve got still to this site?

Theres a few mods I know that were there that work with the EMU:

- Feminine Walk Beta

- TwistedMessiah, Nudist Lifestyle and Anach nude patches as well as alien texture mods.

- Coruscant loading screen mod and any other loading screens.

- Some of the UI mods can be made to work.

- Many of the file swaps were still functional and most of the retextures that affect preCU-available items.

- Some of the weather and sky mods were functional.

Some of the mods that we don't need to include in full are probably ILM - It was designed exclusively for NGE and mostly affects NGE items. It's not going to work for our emulator projects.

We can NSFW tag most of the NSFW files if we do put them up here, rig some way to hide them from minors/nonregistered if we want. But I use files like this, so I'd like to see a new home for them somewhere.

If we can get ahold of any of the original authors of some of the mods that were on modsource, that would be great.

Id like to see Caveman and Anach etc upload their personal mods here if they still have them too. Some of the previous ones. Their mods were top-notch quality and it's sad to see them go down with modsource.

A lot of good stuff has gone down with this site - it would be nice to see it re-upped here. If someone has a readme for the walk mod I can get all the files out of my game client and put them in a zip and send it to whoever here. But I'll need to know precisely which files it has modified as I have a heavily modified EMU client and I've got a LOT of mods installed (many from the now-down modsource).

I might could try to repackage the files for some of them and give them here.

Off-Topic: Hey Skolten, if you are around, I have an earlier version of your UI that isn't broken if you need it, like if you need an earlier version for some reason to fix what doesnt work now. That is, if it's still not working.

Thanks all!

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