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Moving Server Files
Hi All - not sure this is the right place to ask, but I thought I'd try here.

We have the old dev build of SWGEmu on a Deb 6 box, and are needing to move it to another machine.  Basically, what it's going to come down to is moving the files, db, etc over to the new Deb 8 box.  However, I don't know what all it's going to take.  Not only are there many mods that have been put in place, but there's been some custom development by our lead developer to put in a bunch of fun stuff.

Can anyone help with what would be needed to do to move to the new server?  The new server has a working core3 installation of pre-cu SWGEmu on it, just not any of the customization or mods added.

Hoping against hope that someone can help, and thanks in advance.  Smile

I can answer any questions needed that would help out.

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