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MTG Mesh Suite: Is it up to date?
I've tried MTG Mesh Suite with Blender3D 2.78 Windows and Blender3D 2.76 Linux.  Both platforms have python. after I move the directory to addons, I check mark it to activate in prefs, but I only get import mga not msh, but if I chose mga the msh files are listed too. it's just they will not load with this option.
There is no official MTG Mesh Suite (Yet), especially on Blender, I'm guessing you're talking about Charina's one, in which case, nah, it's totally out of date.

P.S. Moved this thread away from Release/Tools, as it's intended only for actual release threads, not questions.
thanks, I'll stay hopeful on this, as my only modeling software is Blender3d and Sketchup

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