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Mustafar and Kashyyyk for PreCU
(2017-04-03, 12:48 PM)Sytner Wrote: I can do a hotfix release to change/add functionality to the rearranger if either of you still need anything on that front.

nahh.  figured it out well enough thanks to Lasko.

also sorry Lasko, been busy so far this week...
No worries mate,

Just a little update....

Have now got dead forest, south dungeons & pob dungeons working.

At time of writing, north dungeons seem to work on server but for some reason it stops me from teleporting into it atm. So needs a little bottoming out.

Have been trying your little guide to add the space to the rectangular ryyatt trail and hunting grounds tga's but i don't seem to have your touch atm lol.

Musty works but needs a lot of shader work to be anywhere near accurate to live. I'm learning, but shaders are just not my thing yet, lol. Still....

Some screenies of progress so far

Good to see someone finishing it.

Good job! Big Grin
The terrain code needs to be altered around the new tgas to allow the rest of the rules to affect the right areas. I am building the master map with the rectangular ones, then doing the conversions of each one as I go server-side. would be nice if this wasn't an issue, but looking at the code, I can't quite see how to change what it can read.

the extra blank space can be recoded in a lower layer, at least, for these square conversions
Is this still being worked on? I would LOVE to be able to add this to my server!
(2017-11-16, 06:27 PM)Gemini Wrote: Is this still being worked on? I would LOVE to be able to add this to my server!

I think Takhomasak and Lasko have it done or close at this point - so yes, take a look at the MTG repo.

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