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Need help figuring out a file
Which files controls this:

When you go to create character and you are selecting your profession, when you click a character is does a "all_b_?????_?????" animation. I need the file that controls that. Pretty sure its a UI or data table :|
It does what?

.lat files tend to be the animation link packages.

all_b.skt is the skeleton, for all humanoids I believe, not 100% sure how wide it ranges.

Then you have animations called all_b_<whatever>.ans, which is the animation.

Not really sure what you're looking for exactly. Animation 'datatable'/map? For characters?
Not entirely sure where its located.

So when you select a champion of XYZ profession they play a certain animation, I can only guess which files control what animation to play. I want to assume its an index number you're looking for which lines up with the animation list which its been too long I cant remember what file it is.

So probably want to look inside the Creation/ Folder, this contains all the profession items etc, it might control what animation is played not 100% sure.

Another location would be the UI, inside one of the .inc to do with character creation might contain it, I tried to look through some of my old stuff but can't find anything unfortunately even though I have done stuff on it.
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Uli I miss you love. <3
(2014-05-27, 09:42 PM)Phoenix Wrote: Uli I miss you love. <3

<3 <3 <3
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Found it. It's actually at the top of ui_avatar_data, but now I'm trying to figure out how to get it to load certain animations. Currently it is only loading all_b_emt_blahblah.ans and I want to load a all_b_blahblahblah.ans Any ideas Uli?
Okay, so, this part:

        <Namespace Name='ProfessionSelectionEmotes'>
            <Namespace Name='accept'>
                <DataSource Name='default' percent='80'>
                    <Data Name='applause_polite' weight='1'/>
                    <Data Name='flex_biceps' weight='1'/>
                    <Data Name='hair_flip' weight='1'/>
                    <Data Name='pose_proudly' weight='2'/>
                    <Data Name='salute1' weight='1'/>
                    <Data Name='salute2' weight='1'/>
                    <Data Name='nod_head_once' weight='2'/>
            <Namespace Name='reject'>
                <DataSource Name='default' percent='80'>
                    <Data Name='stamp_feet' weight='1'/>
                    <Data Name='wave_finger_warning' weight='1'/>
                    <Data Name='weeping' weight='1'/>
                    <Data Name='cough_polite' weight='1'/>
                    <Data Name='rub_chin_thoughtful' weight='1'/>
                    <Data Name='scratch_head' weight='1'/>
                    <Data Name='shrug_hands' weight='1'/>
                    <Data Name='shrug_shoulders' weight='1'/>
                    <Data Name='slump_head' weight='1'/>
                    <Data Name='smell_armpit' weight='2'/>

Appears to handle it, the rest in ui_avatardata seem to be customization based.

I haven't tried it due to time, but you should be able to just change/delete/add animations to the accept and reject bit, the same way as you see it there.

I'm 99 confident it looks into appearance/ash/all_b.ash, as it is the main link file to all the actions possible for that skeleton and then links to the correct animation.

Unsure right now if the the animation itself is the first or the second string in each ACTN node, but you're probably gonna want to use the first string.

So if you look into the all_b.ash for example and click on the first ACTN chunk you'll see something like:

Bytes: 32 68 6F 74 34 75 00 65 6D 74 5F 32 68 6F 74 34 75 00 00 00

You'll want to use: 2hot4u
Bytes: 32 68 6F 74 34 75

Then, just for the sake of clarification, emt_2hot4u would be the actual animation name that the client grabs. (appearance/animation/all_b_emt_2hot4u.ans) It's kind of odd, I would have expected there to be a more direct way of linking them, besides a loose name with no directions, or a datatable. Maybe I missed it, but haven't seen it. Also, no idea what the 2 null chars are at the end of the chunk, maybe room for more strings, haven't looked into it.

Now to continue the example, if you want to change this:

<Data Name='stamp_feet' weight='1'/>

Simply change the stamp_feet to:

<Data Name='2hot4u' weight='1'/>

And that should hopefully work, otherwise I just wrote a bunch of words for nothing. Big Grin

P.S. Ignore ACTSIFNO, that's just the count for how many actions there are in that FORM, also MVACACTN chunks are simply the first chunk in a sub FORM, meaning, they're essentially just ACTN chunks too, just for how the game handles the files structure, that seems to be a thing (I mean the 8 character chunk name vs the 'regular' 4, for the first chunk in a FORM)

P.P.S. Gonna be back on IRC next week.

P.S.P.S. Just being extra thorough in explaining it so the whole chunk makes sense for anyone who is curious, just ignore anything irrelevant if you're not, not trying to be confusing! Smile
Yea I changed it to like "worship" etc, but I want to be able to load "all_b_force_meditation" or another combat animation. So I'm assuming if it does pull from all_b.ash I'll have to add all_b_force_meditation into that file

Also. Do you think I could seperate it so it pulls separately.

Example: I set a reject and select animation for marksmen, then select two different ones for reject/select for brawler
Unsure how to do it off the top of my head then.

For some reason meditation (normal one, too) isn't in the all_b.ash at all.

Don't have the time to do deep digging right now, but I'm sure there is a way somehow to link the meditation in there.

I found the meditation stuff in the .lat (They actually seem to link to the animations directly), but don't see a action trigger name for force_animation, unsure how .lat completely works.

Out of strange curiosity, what does "loop_sitting_ground" or "sitting_ground" affect, if you use it, and does it even work? "meditating" or "meditation" doesn't work either I suppose. Also try "trn_standing_to_sitting_ground". But doubt these help, they're just the roots for the animation in the .lat and some are in the .ash.

You could also try the direct link, but highly doubt that work, or an ACTN with the direct linky, but unsure where you'd exactly add it, there seems to a structure to it.

Kind of unsure how the whole force animation gets called, didn't see it in the skills or commands either, besides a stat listing.

Also, doubt you can map specific ones to a specific class, NGE doesn't have that either. At least, not how limited interface stuff is right now. Well maybe, but don't have the time to experiment right now.

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