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Need help tracking down default palette assignments.
I'm working on a bunch of things, but one of the longest lived not yet solved is why the sabers default to 00 on the palette. Is this a core issue or can it be changed in the .tre files?

What's really eating my lunch is that I can find things like paletteColorCustomizationVariables in the object/weapon/melee/sword/whateversaber.iff files, but there's no values there and I'm not sure what to type or if you can even add something there. I've been looking for another object that might have a variable there, or a path to a file, or whatever but have thus far come up short.

OR... is paletteColorCustomizationVariables a variable that can be set on the core side where you set things like force costs, weapon damage type, etc? What uses this value?

Anyone out there tackled anything like this yet?

Your first question, where are you getting the 00 from, which file? the object .iff?

I was actually digging around object .iff's earlier while doing research for my tool, I'm fairly convinced that all can be modified/things added to them, haven't made any notes though.

Do you know what saber's NPC's use as default?

Give me all file names related to NPC weapons (Lightsaber prefered) and I'll dig into it.

Hm, not sure atm really.
paletteColorCustomizationVariables's values:
00 01 00 00 00 00
Guessing the 00 is a separator, the 01 should be a boolean or link file count (yaya, Uli), the 00 00 00 00 at the end is a integer, fairly sure. I've changed them but I had zero affect on color.

tintPalette seems to be dead too, kind of odd, then again, I doubt the object .iff seems to affect saber color, all sabers are identical besides the name/description/lookat and model link.
ok, so here's the file I'm trying to mess with:

It uses wp_lightsaber.pal for it's palette, I confirmed that much.

Starting with the weapon iff listed above, and following the file chain you'll eventually end up in the shader directory. The below files are the first you come across that mention the proper palette:

I've made some changes where I think the color is set based on other wearable shader files but have yet to have any success trying to change the saber color client side. I've given the core a once over but haven't managed to see anything there that would help in setting the weapon color for NPC weapon groups.

ok, so here's an interesting twist (and I"m not sure what patch i'm getting this so be aware).

If you se the object/weapon/melee/sword/shared_sword_lightsaber_anakin.iff file you get a blue blade, AND the lsb file is different. I've not been able to change it from blue yet, but it IS blue not red. *shrug* gotta work now but I'll try some more tonight. - Duff
It's definitely in the object .iff, I've loaded Anakin's object .iff with the vader.lsb and it's still blue.

Nice find btw.


Haha, good job on the Anakin file, seriously.

Here it is:

Open the object .iff, in this example the anakin file (I just renamed it shared_baton_stun.iff so my stun baton gets overwritten, tested it on NOVA.

Go down to the XXXX chunk that contains the ClientDataFile text:

[Image: 4d9r.png]

Change the second 00 to a 01, so it reads a filename and skips the default, then copy paste a full .CDF file link into it. Be sure to not forget to add the 00 at the end.

Then Open up that .CDF file and go look in the CSSI chunk:

[Image: w2fh.png]

Look in wp_lightsaber.pal for the color code, but you probably know that anyway, simply change the byte to match the ID, sky is the limit in terms of colors, since you can create new ones in the palette and simply touch those.

I'd copy and rename the .CDF to something unique or color named, then add that to the ClientDataFile XXXX chunk.

Opens up a whole new world to object .iff's to me, I was guessing it worked somewhat along these lines, but to see it in action is great. Gotta think about how far this reaches and plan out the object .iff tool, won't get around to it until early next year though I'd imagine.

No wonder one never found the index_color_blade, it was never in the .tre's.
all the hilts save for anakin's is missing the file and path to the clientdatafile (cdf). The client data files exist, but they're not in the weapon.iff.

Add that entry to the iff and it starts using the CDF and you get your differing colors. I just got Quigon's to work. - Duff
Lol, we posted at the same time or something.

But I guess you hadn't figured how to change the actual color besides from using different file names.
LOL yeah. Now tell me how to make a short blade for Yoda. :-p
Blade or hilt?

Pretty sure the blade is a reversed float (single) in the .lsb.

[Image: kjy3.png]

00 00 A0 3F (Reversed Float) = 3F A0 00 00 (Correct Float) = 1.25 in decimal

Vader, Mando, Mace: 3F A8 F5 C3 = 1.47
Luke: 3F A6 66 66 = 1.3
Must: 3F A3 D7 0A = 1.28
Leather, Luke 2h, Nebu, Obi, QuiGon, SleekBlack, SleekSilver: 3F 99 99 A9 = 1.2
Dugald, Andael: 3F 8F 5C 29 = 1.12

I'm pretty sure this is it, regardless, I'm positive it's in the .lsb.

You can use something like http://gregstoll.dyndns.org/~gregstoll/floattohex/ to convert

Hilt would have to be the Size chunk in the object .iff, so you'd put it to 00 01 again and then I presume a reversed float or either a regular or reversed 4 byte integer, but I'm pretty sure, if you can just simply set the size there, it would be a float.

Otherwise, it might be in one of the other appearance files, one of them has to change the size.

If that's length, then WDTH is obviously width. I'd imagine OPEN and CLOS are probably the time it takes to open, both being 1.5 (seconds I'd imagine).
do pics still exist anywhere from Timbab's example?


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