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New modder / tre questions
Hello fellas,

I have zero programming skills, but I managed to start my own test environment. So far I've only been able to modify lua files (like loot tables/npc ham/weapon stats etc). However, I've been itching to include some of the post cu cosmetic items to the server, such as buildings and armor and weapons. Given my lack of experience, I thought I could include a non-Basilisk server's (modded) tre files into my virtual machine and rearrange the tre priority in the config.lua file. I managed to reorganize the tre order, but when I build the game nothing changed. I haven't noticed any errors while the system boots or anything along those lines.

So, should are there multiple places where I must include these tre files? At the moment, I have them with the regular emu tre files (workspace/tre). Or, am I doing this entire thing wrong? Any help would be much appreciated.

(Also, if there's some conflict with me using a private server's modded tre's, let me know and I'll stop attempting it.)
You do need them in your SWGEmu folder on your computer as well, and modify swgemu_live.cfg in that folder, to list the new tre, in the same order you put in your config file. (One copy of tre files on your computer, one copy in the virtual machine)
Thank you for the reply. The tre's appear to be functioning in my server because the combat feels like that server's combat. However, I'm not noticing any change to my lua files; I cannot find the post 14.1 buildings etc. Do I have to activate or update my lua's to mimic the information from their tre's? Or does this mean their post 14.1 modifications are stored in some other file, other than the tre files?
You have to create your own lua for each object you add.
Thanks a ton guys!
Check out the "Adding BARC Speeder" guide in the guides forum.

It is a good place to start for adding new material to the Emu core.

If you can do that, then most things after that follow a similar pattern.

Tre file manipulation.
CRC file.

Have a go, if you run into problems just askSmile

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