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New Planet: Hoth
Just one more disclaimer.

This is an issue with Core3 that just can't be worked around yet.

It is possible to confuse or even crash your server if you are admin speed running around the bitmap regions of the terrain. (the Echo Base area, and the two unique mountain regions in the north) You will notice it giving errors with terrain cache, targabitmap.cpp, etc... sometimes it crashes sometimes it does nothing but show the error in console and keep running.

It is not possible to use bitmaps for terrain in Core3 the same way it was in live SWG. But I have tested them extensively for many months now and have not seen any problems caused by normal play activities. Just occasionally while using a speed of 25 or higher to survey them on a server.

Just don't be alarmed if you notice this. I am not afraid to generate all of Hoth with code if the bitmaps turn out to be unstable in the long term... but for bringing things like Echo Base, Kashyyyk, Mustafar back, we will have to use them

One of the reasons that I used the bitmaps instead of the code generated mountains I'd posted in the preview thread is the texture blending. Using the code generation, it was very difficult to get the right stack of effects that would make the rocky mountains look snow dusted without the patterns of rock that emerged looking very pixelated and squareish... The bitmap distorts the land in ways that are difficult to achieve with the raw numbers...and allows more efficient creative freedom.
My fully developed Hoth, Taanab, and another planet in progress are now available on the Choice Test server (again)

Download the launcher here:


Be patient with the launcher, it's still not out of beta. Just verify/install in the upper right corner until it gives you a 'ready to play' - you may have to restart the launcher after the first successful install/verify. It will give you a bad patch warning and redownload one of mine... just be patient. Also be sure to set your custom display settings in the clientsetup_r manually if you wish. It's not integrated into the launcher yet.

Then, click on 'SWGChuck' and auto-register an account, choose SWGChuck for character creation - and spawn on Corellia. That's where you can travel to the three available planets. Don't forget to turn your graphic and terrain sliders all the way up

Bonus - if you catch me on there (my toons are Apo and iaga), I can teleport you to Kashyyyk! normal travel is disabled until the snapshot is 100% finished.

Currently, Tauntauns are the wrong color, Echo Base hangar still has some sync issues (but not nearly as bad as before)... but the rest should be working well.

This will essentially give you my *close to finished* version of hoth, client-side. Server files will be coming soon. You can see on Choice first hand why I can't release it yet, though.

BTW I just keep updating the link on the top post when I upload a new one
I will try your server.

You new tre at hoth corrected with success segmentation fault on launch server.
(2017-03-22, 06:07 PM)langelusse Wrote: I will try your server.

You new tre at hoth corrected with success segmentation fault on launch server.

excellent!  Thanks for sticking with me.
***updated with a more complete Hoth snapshot, including Echo Base! re-download and re-extract if you already did before***


This is a custom MTG Client viewer I setup to let everyone explore Taanab and Hoth with warps. (This is an updated Hoth with a more complete snapshot, including Echo Base!) This is a 35mb download.

Just extract these files into a main SWGEMU client directory, they will not overwrite anything (unless you already have MTG Client or my mods installed).

Run the MTGClient exe and 'load scene' instead of logging in, then choose a planet, Hoth and Taanab are the first two on the list. To access the warps - shift+ESC to get the menu, then choose 'locations'

You might want to go into the slocal.cfg and manually set your resolution and graphics settings. The default ones might not be for you (they might not work with your graphics settings). By default it's 1280X720.

Explore and enjoy!

Thanks to Timbab for the awesome client, as well. It makes planet building SO MUCH EASIER!

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