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New Spam Prevention

I've just introduced some new features on the site that should prevent spam bots joining as easily. These include:
  • Re-Captcha
  • Forum Blacklist

Re-Captcha you will most likely be familiar with, it's just like the regular 'enter the words' registration questions but better Smile

The forum blacklist is a list created on the internet of certain usernames and emails etc. that are known for spamming forums, when a user enters any of these blacklisted usernames or emails at registration they will be refused registration.

As always if you encounter any problems with the site please email me or PM me the problem and some information about how you encountered it. If you're a genuine user who is having problems registering due to blacklisting then again please email me Smile
"Look, sir, droids!" -- Davin Felth
Thanks Davin, I just banned my 24th spam bot, not like it makes a real difference since they keep coming.

Hopefully this will slow them down. Smile
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What about a whitelist approach?
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