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NGE Wondering
Although the NGE era of swg was it's downfall, there was one part which was kinda cool for us old horror movie fans, and i'm talking about, of course, dathomir's zombie problem. I think it might be fun to somehow incorporate this into a emu one could use on their own, not using it for any public server.
Sometimes, my brain functions like a well oiled machine, and most of the time, it's kind of an old rusty station wagon. Anyone think they could possibly walk me through using the .tre and/or .toc files and such to try going back to kill some undead on my own? Or point me to a page specifically for dummies like me? Any help for newb modders like myself would be appreciated.
So you want to add npcs from nge to your server. Look at how npcs are added via lua in server and then get all necessary files from the .toc. object/mobile or wherever the zombie npcs are and copy them all into a new tre. Not sure if there are writeups on here for adding npcs. Pretty sure there is tho.
Check out this thread.

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