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Noob looking for some help setting up Jedi
Hey all, so far I have compiled a new server... using the latest core3 code (used the fast setup method as posted on SWGEMU) but I am having some problems.

1. No idea how to setup Jedi, I have tried the /gmJediState, /overridePadawanTrialsEligibility true and /grantPadawanTrialsEligibility

I can't add any jedi skills using the /grantSKill force_sensitive_insert skill here
I can add the old jedi skills using /grantSkill Jedi_Padawan_master etc and it usess my skill points but does nto give me all the abilities and I can't revoke or remove then making the toon useless.

So any help would be awesome, either using core3 updates or mods...

I am very new to the whole scene, and have limited programming ability but am not afraid to try anything even if it causes the sever to become useless.

Have other questions but will start with this... just haven't been getting any feedback or help on the official swgemu site... or the IRC chats

Thanks all
With the current code you first will need to unlock the required branches through the village, regardless of the unlock system you use, or pre-pub 9 vs post-pub 9 because there's checks in place that look for the required unlocks.

Check out the guide here http://www.modthegalaxy.com/forums/threa...hoice-jedi

IF you just want to be able to get Jedi then you should just need to do step 1. Don't forget to rebuild your server after you change the code. And remember there will be a few places on that page you will need to change the 24 to 0.

Basically, what you're doing in that step is change the check for the unlocks for 0 boxes instead of the 24. This way you should then be able to award yourself the skills you want.
Awesome, it now works!
Now to try and do some mods to make he game more single player friendly....
If you're looking for a solo experience check out Tatwi's work. Some really good stuff there that may benefit you.

Thanks, was also looking through the repository of mods... some awesome stuff in there... just not sure how to use it lol... does it apply to my current server or do I make a new one?
Server-side, should apply when added. Usually will have to rebuild your server. Client-side doesnt matter.

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