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Noooob - 3 questions
Hey guys,

I unfortunately have ALOT to learn which when I have time I will be doing (after kid, work and wife of course) so it will be a while before I am able to do some meaningful stuff.   However I was hoping you guys could point me in the he direction for 3 (most likely easy things) - I was hoping to decrease the phase time in the village (or unlock jedi for use by any of my toons),  increase the xp output (like bloodfin etc) and finally change the buff stats and time on the frog. 

I do not plan on opening the server up to the public as this is for personal consumption as I find it hard to have time to play as much as a regular server and group demands.  

Anyways I have download SIE and I am having a little issue finding the correct way to change around the .iff files.

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated!   I was on live 03-04 Gorath Server MDoc/TKM (well it was called master TKA back then) so this is a small dream come true to have my own personal PVE server to mess around on. 

thanks again guys - Joe

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