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Not-quite-new player housing

Nice. Smile
All possible thanks to SIE! Big Grin
This is pretty amazing, excellent work!

I have to wonder, with this, is it possible to place the bunkers (both 3 room Bunkers and the underground Bunkers) as Player houses? I imagine you could probably do this with the POB Ships as well, though getting inside would be pretty hard...

I'm eager to see how this develops!
Any NPC structure can be made into a player structure with a few tweaks. I'm actually actively working on different stuff atm, but on my test server I've got most of the NPC structures for Corellian, Naboo, and Tatooine styles, minus the hotels (which I didn't think anyone would want...but now several of my players have asked for), the Tatooine tavern, and the Tatooine small house with basement.

I've also got Jabba's Palace and Nym's Stronghold both in as player structures, but they both need plenty of tweaks yet...plus, Jabba's Palace is very vulnerable to unloading due to server load distances.

Also, SWGEmu is currently set to load houses cell-by-cell, only loading when you enter the cell in question. On some of the NPC structures, that leads to problems - particularly with the NPC styled cantina, where each of the alcoves are a separate cell, so the contents don't load until you actually /enter/ it.

That's not accurate to SWG live, and I've filed a ticket about it, but no one's touched it yet.

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