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NPC Lightsaber colors
*there is an issue with a few things, I'll be fixing them soon.

This patch allows you to pick whatever lightsaber color and lightsaber style you want your NPC to have instead of them always being red.

If you run into issues with the files at all, let me know asap so I can fix them. There is a readme file inisde the zipped folder, but refer back to this post if you run into any issues.

You WILL need to put in some work to apply this to your server, I did all the lua files and client side files for you in a NICE AND NEAT manner. I am sure there are better methods but I felt this was the best method to keep it completely organized and controllable.


Download link:

Also was messing around, I may release sabers like this as well... who knows:

that's a nice combo of one side of the color and the new one the other on double bladed lightsaber.

that reminds me of concept art either way good work Smile

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