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Nub here...got a question for ya
Ok, so with SWG Emu, I would like to try adding a couple client side mods...a speeder, some armor, etc...my questions are what all files for say, a barc speeder to swoop...I have found the correct TRE patch files for both. DDS files, IFF files. I figure I need to rename the barc stuff, to swoop stuff. place them in emu dir with the correct file paths. I tried with just the dds file and iff file and got no speeder at all :p just some words on the ground and my datapad displayed the swoop with what looked like graphics from the barc Big Grin

Anyway sorry for my rambling, any help would be appreciated... Also is there a way to make it so just your stuff looks modded? Not everyone you run into? Thanks!!
these are of course items that are NOT in swgemu...specifically these are in patch 15 tre file
For simple appearance based mods like this you want to find the APT or SAT file (it will only have one or the other) for the object you want (in this case the BARC) which will be in the 'appearance' folder and rename that SAT or APT file to the same name as the swoop's APT or SAT file, normally this will change the appearance.

However, since the BARC is not included in the SWGEmu TRE files then you will need all the files for the BARC in order for it to display properly. The easiest way to do this is with TRE Explorer. Find the BARC IFF file while viewing the correct TRE in TRE Explorer and right click it, there should be an option for chain exporting, or exporting all linked files (I forget the exact name), you will then need to get TRE Explorer to export those files into your SWGEmu directory. Then just include the renamed APT/SAT file and you should be good to go Smile

Also there isn't a way to only make your stuff look modded, since it's your modded client that is displaying their item, so if they have a swoop it will look like a BARC too.

Any more questions feel free to ask Smile
"Look, sir, droids!" -- Davin Felth
Yeah what Davin said
[Image: 2156b479.gif]
So with the whole process, after everythin that is linked is put in there proper place i will only need to rename the sat/apt file? Thanks!

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