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Offer : Mod concept review.
Greetings one and all,

I am reliant on your greater expertise to see if my concept is plausible, and if it is I'd like to hire someone to create it. However, small steps.

On my server I own an advertisement agency. Advertisements are done via forum medium which I feel is immersion shattering.

I'd like to develop a way to bring those advertisements to life in game.

The idea is to use an existing item ( such as the LED screen )( or a whole new item if possible ) to display those advertisements in game on a sort of slide show. If this cant be done then one singular static image would do.

This item would then be linked to a database of some discription ( i'll need help setting this up to ) that hosts the image so the client can load it up. I dont know if it is also possible to pair spesific screens / items to spesific adverts.

I'd also like to if possible make use of the IG browser to display ( once clicked / radialed) a video or other media if that is the advertisements medium.

I know that changing the skin of something is quite easy from previous modding done with the live game, however something this dynamic is beyond me.

I look forward to anyones review of the idea, and if viable, to work with that person. I am more than willing to compensate that person for their time.

Kind regards

I'm going to assume you're using (A) SWGEmu's Core3, and (B) The Standard Pre-CU Client pending modification:

What you're asking would require client side importing of specific images and turning them into assets. You wouldn't be able to pull images from the web. Using an "additional" database isn't possible either, they would need to be packed into the clientside files. No images, textures, or meshes come from the web or server side.

It's possible to change the home page of the in-game browser, but not make it display different pages based on different actions, as that type of function isn't implemented into the client or server as far as I'm aware.

This is probably a Sytner and Timbabian project.
What you could do is create a new in-game object or repurpose an existing one to display adverts using a texture array (like the changing textures on mission terminals, only set to tick slower). You could then automate the process of creating these arrays from a database, pack them in a .tre and push the updates to your users via some launcher. Should only take a day or two to implement this sort of system if you find someone willing to make it.
Definitely possible to a degree, but Via is right, with the exception of one thing, there is no ingame browser (to my knowledge) in PreCU.

I suppose I can help ya out (ie do the template if you can't yourself), the most straight forward way to do it is this:
  • Grab an NGE Billboard (Example - But you could in theory make one from scratch, too).
  • Make an animated (if you want animated) texture/shader for it), preferably linking to a set of generic named textures that can be replaced later.
  • Create a new Object file that links to that model.
  • Place it via .WS file or through the server itself (Through the server is probably better).
  • You can place the same one (with the same set of ads) multiple times all over, or you can can repeat the process with a different set and then place those, too.

Then, whenever you want to change the actual ads, you just force your clients that play on your server to download the new textures.

And now to the compensation part, I demand...

[Image: 762195e1666497074ede151e0cbeb39738a411d9...b6011f.jpg]

Edit: Ooops, my bad, had my reply open and forgot to hit send, didn't know Syt already answered. I hope I can get at least $500,000 now... Sad
(2014-12-02, 04:11 PM)Timbab Wrote: Definitely possible to a degree, but Via is right, with the exception of one thing, there is no ingame browser (to my knowledge) in PreCU.
Oh yeah. It's NGE. Blush

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