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Old member of Swgemods/Swgemumods just stopping by!
Hey it's Nelk, an old member of the Swgemumods team, part of SWGPre-CU and ANH. I'm just stopping in to say hi! Awesome how far modding has progressed in my absence.
Just wondering what most of the focus has been on for reversing.

Also side note, it wouldn't let register as Nelk, saying my details match a known spammer Sad No idea but no bueno
wb Nelk. Its been quiet pretty recently due to mainly RL stuff so things have slowed down quite a bit. I been out of it for like a year or so, so unsure what the main focus is/was.
[Image: 2156b479.gif]
Fair enough, it's been ~3 years for me. Been stumbling upon some of my old code and was just wondering what the modding community is like now that the old site went down. Glad to see you are still alive though!
I've been itching to mod for so long now, but life has been totally preventing it. Might make a full comeback in October, after my college deadline is ovah. Not promising anything though.

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