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Old school Video issue
So on my laptop when I enable SLI (I have an old xps m1730 with dual vids) SWG actually gets slower. Other games work just fine, marginal improvement (the laptop has power issues so it likes to run half speed). But SWG basically doesn't run at all. even typing is slow.

Turning off SLI and the game runs lightning fast like always has on this laptop.

Any ideas?
Doubt SLI even works for SWG, but it could be a power issue, since you already mentioned it has power issues.

What are your power settings?
just figured out that it was the 16x antialiasing that caused the issue. Turned it down to 8 and it's manageable now, and looks great. turn it off and it looks like usual and superfast. :-)

and if you're interested in the power issue just google up xps m1730 power issue and you'll see. evidently the system runs half speed when on battery, and there's an issue with both the chipset and powersupply where it will report not being genuine even when it is (and is working fine). non-genuine = half speed... so I have to fix it with rmclock and a few other overclocker tricks...

Trying to salvage a 3500.00 dollar laptop isn't fun. :-\ I believe my issue is with the chipset, as I've replaced the powersupply twice. :=(
The power issue can't be solved by overwriting the power usage in Windows? How odd.

That sucks.
not exactly like that. RMclock is a CPU management tool that can give you control over voltage, clock, multiplier, and throttle if your cpu supports it. My cmos / chipset set the processor at 800Mhz on boot and it stays there. I cannot adjust the clock / multiplier / voltage in the bios, I can just turn on the speed stepping. As long as I turn that on, then once I'm in windows, I have access to change those values from the software side, and overclock the Pee out of it.

Which works fine and restores my processor (core2 duo) to 2.4Ghz, but the bus is still slow, my SSD runs like a 4200RPM HD, my video cards have to be clocked up as well using Nvidia utilities, and my cdrom quit working during this period (I think it's unrelated but still...)

Anyway, all because the chipset doesn't recognize the power supply as a genuine dell blah blah...

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