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opened mods using windows explorer
hi, I was downloading a couple of mods the other day and (for what reason I don't know) had tried opening the mod files using windows explorer instead of the provided installer, the next morning I noticed my mistake and deleted the files then redownloaded them, but I cant open them using they're original installers... what do I do? I did this with "SWGEmu CU & NGE GUI Mods " and I cant recall the others at the moment, i'll post the others when I do.

I also did that with these mods: "SWGEmu New PreCU UI Color Schemes" and "SWGEmu Species Revamp Mod"
anyone? maybe you guys can send me a download of the provided installers so I can use those to open the mods and use them?
I fixed the problem on my own, the internet was no help at all.. I see a lot of people viewed this thread and I will say this, thank you for not helping me this was a good experience, I actually spent two days working on this day & night and I better get some sleep or im gonna die Smile
Thank You

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