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Otoh Gunga, just for fun
Restored it as far as it can possibly go.

The coral .apt files it references don't exist anywhere, but most of the shaders and radials were lurking in the base TREs under different names.

Cleaned up the code so it would generate...  very interesting... very ambitious, was on a 32,000m square map!

[Image: ZN8VlBG.jpg]
I'm reasonably sure that with existing mechanics, server scripts, and creativity
... and the fixing of the bubble house model...

like a closed cockpit atmoflight vehicle only deployable on this trn....  you get my drift.  probably easy to find some static coral meshes or make them....

*IF* somebody really really wanted Otoh Gunga, that is. not me, right now, but it's interesting to imagine how it could work
Do iiit.

Haha for anyone who doesn't like Gungans or Episode I this would be a nightmare amount of work.
swimming, not gonna try (yet), but I could see rigging a submercible, a dome full of gungans to land in, and fixing the trench height so there is no 'surface'... I just found it interesting, as the last of the unfinished terrains I'd not fixed...
Could you make it into an instance you transport to from one of the gungan poi's on Naboo?
definitely. honestly it's about 5 minutes worth of code, not really even worth re using. I'd make a new, tighter zone if I had the intentions... the hallmark of which would have to be a domelike structure so ya can see the sea floor.
Gungans are only good for genocide.

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