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Outer Body Experience - Free Camera
First of all, Uli did it, I take like no credit besides testing it and bugging him about it while trying to do it myself.


Game camera is officially switchable to any of the existing cameras, such as freecam, debug cam, etc. Only problem atm, I still need to think of a work around that's server friendly, is to update the world as the camera moves, because as of right now, nothing besides the terrain loads beyond 130-150m.

Some screenshots:

[Image: N7O9r9t.jpg] [Image: D8LVstI.jpg] [Image: AGlQgrF.jpg]
[Image: GpIGHh3.png]

Also with the debug Portal cam or whatever it is exactly, you can enter portals, as seen in the next screenshot, though, obviously nothing loads unless your character is inside of it.

[Image: 0EcFU78.png]

But yeah, ideally I'd like the world to update with the camera position, that'd be really neat.

P.S. For giggles, gallery of how it looked right before working correctly: https://imgur.com/a/mLNcI
Made some quick videos, excuse the super shittty move movements.

But they do kinda show the limitations at the moment of somewhat jerky movement if you're not careful and the lack of an up/down. Also, just to show it's legit, you can see my character standing still at 0:23 on the right side in the corner facing the wall in the second video (guy with no pants and name tag).

Great work baby! <3 u!
Hi, looks great I'm just wondering how I can manually switch to freecam, debug cam, etc.

Also how I could be able to do this the out of body experience thing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCkcmXTk9SY
It can only be done via dll injection/memory editing.

I was meaning to release a tool including this a while ago, but things such as SIE development got in the way. I'll try to get it out soon after the SIE 4.0 release.

Also, note that this method is client side only, therefor it can only see 130ish meter range around your character (At least when it comes to server objects, players, player houses, etc).
Zum placen von Objekten beim modden wäre das Teil genial!
Gibt es dazu zeitnah eine funktionierende Version oder hast du das Projekt eingestellt?
EntenGalaxy ---> KLICK
Sollte ja, es ist teil eines generellem Injectors was bald rauskommt, aber wie immer, feature creep. :p

Versuche etwas raus zu bringen auch wenns simple ist nur das es einfach mal raus es, kann es ja immer noch erweitern spaeterhin.

Ich tanze einfach auf viel zu vielen Hochzeiten.
Speak english!
Danke, Timbah, wäre super wenn du da noch etwas hinbekommst!
EntenGalaxy ---> KLICK
(2016-08-11, 09:03 AM)levarrishawk Wrote: Speak english!

Basic release coming soon, kind of took forever because of it being integrated into a new Overrider that I never got to a releasable state and was mostly used for internal usage between Sytner and myself.

Juggling SIE again with the Overrider and something else atm, most of what's needed is already in the Overrider, just needs to be done properly for a public version. Also, the camera will be a basic toggle on the first release, I wanted to add more complex features along with a keyframe system but if I add that in too before a release, it'll take even longer, cause it's not a high priority atm.

(2016-08-11, 05:29 PM)Entenkiller Wrote: Danke, Timbah, wäre super wenn du da noch etwas hinbekommst!

Es wird auf jeden fall noch released, frage ist nur wann. Smile

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