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Player Characters
Any one know all the files hum_m.sat interacts with outside of the usal mesh and img files.
It's like any other model. it has an object iff which is most likely object/creature/player and then obviously the .sat and maybe .mgn/.mesh and .lod and .dds textures. Other than that species use datatables for customization/stats/languages/etc. Not sure I understand the question (=
Yeah, please be a bit more specific.

General SAT link chain? The whole animation aspect? Are you asking for a port from NGE? or what exactly do you need to know.

SAT in theory touches upon quite a lot of stuff if you look at it in detail, but hardly any if you're just porting, etc.
ok so i am working on making another playable race but when you set up for example nightsister for the custuminazations it crashes the client. So i was trying to find out where hum_m.sat is registered or if i would have to rewrite out Asset manager to include new player skins.

From what i was thinking hum_m.sat is registered somewhere that nightsister_f.sat is not

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