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POB file
Just so I don't delete my notes again and have to go mmmm...

Long - Number of portals (doors/windows)
Long - Number of rooms


PRTL - Contains portal vertex information

Each PRTL contains:
Long - number of verts
Corresponding vert positions (x,y,z)
*Note: In version 3, vert position must be entered clockwise according to the primary position*


CELSFORM - Rooms that make up the building

Long - Number of portals in this room
Rest of the file is link data for LOD and collision

Contains a rough model of the room (Not always needed)

Byte - Is it a door?
Long - portal file number (0,1,2...)
Byte - Is this the primary location?
Long - Other room this portal connects to
String - Model type (windows dont have one)
Transformation data - location,rotation,scale..

Lighting file
Determines lighting on objects such as doors and consoles


No idea but seems to be constant in all files

*Used to define the absolute object ID used in all later sections*
*Also defines the center of each object*

Long - Amount of data sections

Long - absolute object count starting at 0
Long - object number ID, goes through rooms then portals
Long - 3: Exterior portals
4: Rooms
5: Interior portals
3 Floats - Object center x,y,z
Long - end section code?

*Defines object interactions*
Long - Amount of data sections
Long - object number
Long - object connected to that object number
2 Longs - end section code?

Room 0, Door 1
Room 0, Window 1
Room 0, Window 2
Door 1, Room 0
Door 1, Room 1

Note: This file goes through each room and then goes through each portal.

*Defines number of interactions*
Long - Amount of data sections

Long - Number of interactions for each object

Room 0 - Contains 5 Portals
Room 1 - Contains 2 Portals
Portal 1 - Connects to 2 rooms
Portal 2 - Connects to 2 rooms

*Continuous count version of the ECNT file data*

5 0
2 5
2 7
2 9


*Other Notes*

Room number can be found using the model file name

r0: room 0
r1: room 1
r2: room 2

Portals are 2d and usually consist of 4 verts

Screwing up this file will normally result in the game crashing.
Game must be entirely reloaded with each change.

Version 3: Not placing the verts in the correct order will still load the model but either the portal will only work one way or the game will crash when looking through the portal.

Version 4: Does not require placing the verts in clockwise order but requires face data for all portals. Also contains minor differences in the cels section. It is possible to convert version 3 to version 4 if desired.

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