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Possible Issue with MTG Custom Content Files?
Solved - and FYI

found many npcs in the som directory with PACK and no social group .. the workaround is assign group or remove PACK

I am updating the object and other files from MTG.  Lot of errors on startup ... any known issues in the objects or server files?

Objects load ok until "object/building/kashyyyk/shared_ep3_forest_webweaver.iff"

Thanks for the feedback. Just checked every mob template and everything in that folder has an assigned social group.

Also checked my VM again and there are no unit test errors and server starts cleanly.

Interested to see what setup your using, is it just the MtG repo, or a custom setup?

The files in the /som folder have not been altered for 11 months so possible you may have old files, just trying to think why you may have found these problems.

Any more info would be greatly appreciated Smile

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