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PP Derail continued...
(2012-10-19, 10:31 PM)Kayliaah Wrote: Windows 8 tablet with that Metro interface, really, really? Big Grin And yeah, the price is out of this world.

Lol, you don't know my little brother, you'll want to kill yourself after 5 minutes playing with him, I think playing stupid is one of his best assets, he likes getting on your nerves and it makes him laugh.
I remember playing online and LAN with him and a friend, Jedi Outcast, Republic Commando, Pacific Assault, I even got him to play SWG for a while, but he's just lazy, and he can't even say that he doesn't understand English well because he does, well his accent is still shite but he'll get there.

Anyways, if I wanted to play BF3 which never really interested me because it's too new age and not like 1942 and hipsters like me are all over old school stoof ya know, I would need to buy the game myself, sharing accounts sucks, same for GW2, he wants to play it too but unless I share my accoutn with him so he can make a character in my account he'll have to buy the game himself or a key, I don't even know if you can log two toons from the same account at the same time, if you can't then it's settled.

That lucky bastardo is going to the US in a few months for his Law studies, he's going for international business law, he's not just going for the Law branch like I did, but he's going a big step further, hell he seems to like it so why not, lots of reading though, like 30 law books, and he hates reading ha!

Soooo about that Project Perfection thang, it's not like I don't like talking about stuff that nobody cares about but I want to see some damn screenshots dangit! If you have any, *cough* I'm looking at you Berry.

Timbard, you better start that Offtopic thread yourself imo, Davin is too lazy!

Coulda just done it yourself, ya kno?! I always have to do the work, pff.

I actually kind of like the interface, beats roid and iOS, so tired of both. Probably getting a Lumia 920 too once I move, even though I can't stand AT&T.

But rofl, oh, he's THAT kind of player. Well he'd probably jump out by the way I fly, lol, funny enough, my best gunners were from France, no idea why. I meant, while he isn't, or can't use his account, you could use it yourself. Try it at least, let me know if you do though. I barely play ground combat, but flyin helicopters is still in my blood from the old '42 DC mod days, it just has to continue! Can it be pretty fun once the pilot and gunner get used to each other, even if air combat still isn't balanced. Sad

Where is he going to in the US? State/City? He's gonna have a fun time studying law without liking to read. :p
Oops I missed the new thread it seems. Big Grin

I don't know right now, if I start another online game I'll get addicted and it's terribad for me, this is what happened with Battlefront II, I played the game for years after I bought it, and even though I knew every part of it and pretty much owned everyone unless I ended up facing another experienced player (the most challenging and fun part), I kept going for some reason, I guess I wanted to get the most of it, like get my 50€ worth of playtime and I did, I stopped playing last year I think, but if there are still servers around I'll probably play again when I feel like it, I mean it's not like we'll get a Battlefront III or anything close to it with a Star Wars theme anytime soon so...

And I don't know where he's going, he doesn't know himself, I mean it's extra, he's not going to the US because his school is having a massive exportation but because he wants it, he's never actually been there so it'll be a first for him, he's been to London though, and by himself which is quite a feat, but he wants something bigger, he always liked big shiny expensive stuff, so I guess it's fitting. Unless he decides to say fuck it all and go to LA, and there I'm sure he'll just spend time screwing around on the beach eating junk, eh, you only live once right.
[Image: mtgsig.png]
Well I got close to 300 hours logged in it, but most of that was done early on lol, barely play it these days, it's kind of alright to pick up and play every now and then. Screw being addicted to it and screw serious online games, main reason why I'm not getting another MMO anytime soon. Well if you're ever interested for the sake of it, let me know, gives me a reason to play it, besides 10 people whining that I should fly 24/7.

And ah yea I see, so it's more like, going to school in France, but taking up 'courses' or whatever in the US for X period of time? Well the US is a hate/love thing really, it sure ain't the same as just visiting, at least LA is not. Lol The beach becomes kind of secondary really. :p
(This thread is going to top the off topic thread back in the day on SWGEmu I'm sure)

You're a newb and you know it, your copter is nothing, my Y-Wing would bomb your face before you even got off the ground, you just can't compare.

Hell space combat in Battlefront II became pretty boring after a while, years after the release, people would just chase each other in their fighters and kill each other and the whole mission would take ages to finish, so I was one of the very few to actually bother with the enemy mothership, in my case Star Destroyer, I would be one of the whole two people actually bothering to board the damn ship, kill my way in and take down the turrets, the shield, the reactor, the life support, so the ship would be crippled and our team could take it down easy, but I was so used to it it wasn't even challenging anymore, but well I still had fun, Battlefront II was so much fun even though it wasn't a great FPS game overall, like Battlefield 1942/Vietnam/2, with actual strategic stuff, but fun as all hell, and when everyone was bored, we all gathered in Mos Eisley in Republic/Alliance vs CIS/Empire, with mostly Jedi vs Sith just screwing around overusing Force push/pull/choke to make the enemy rage in chat.

I was actually one of the few who used saber block to block incoming attacks and then a well timed saber throw to lower the enemy's health and then when they tried to force jump back knowing they were about to die, I would force sprint in their face while hacking them to death with my lightsaber, then jump away to a building's rooftop, it went on and on to no end, I could play 5 hours straight, sometimes more, and I didn't see the time pass lol.

And well, I did play Battlefield 3 on my uncle's computer (he's a 44 years old nerd), and while it was pretty and super shiny and all, I didn't find the same appeal, it felt too new age, just like the new COD series (ugh) or the new age Medal of Honor which disappointed me so hard being an old MoH fan, even if it was superior BF3 bored me, maybe it's just me, but it felt like a bad mix between Bad Company and a regular Battlefield, I don't know if it's the ambiance that put me off, probably. I don't know, it's probably the Iraq/Iran maps that put me off the most, basically using the "war on terror" crap as a mean to get moar monies, meh, I miss Vietnam tbh, at least this "war" taught everyone not to screw with the vietnamese lol.

Anyhow, what was I talking about?

EDIT: Omg spellingz.
[Image: mtgsig.png]
I copter nothing huh, you know nothing! Some peasy Y-Wing flying might be fun, but takes little skill!

I never played Beatlefront II, only I and that not online, can't really comment.

I don't really care about BF3 much as a whole, but the flying is still fun, especially because it's so hard to do well in them. Fly with me once and you'll understand, haha. There is so much high pace action and concentration that the 'flashiness' totally becomes mute. But once you got a good pilot/gunner combo, it's just amazing, even jets at a TV missle in their afterburner. I barely ever play ground combat, when I do, it's like with 2-3 people over voip on smaller maps, the large ones suck in BF3 for infantry, imo.

BF:V was so much fun though, amagad.

Actually... we should play BF42 DC mod (Even coop is fun, but I gotta learn to fly coppas again there), BF2 mods, like Forgotten Hope which is fantastic, or just plain old BF:V. That'd be a load of fun tbh. Got a second BF2 for free with the Origin coupon a few days ago too...
I play a lot of spaceflight games (wild surprise there, right?), and I've always maintained a respectable joystick (not quite HOTAS, but near enough). I loved 1942. I sucked at anything short of Medic on the ground, but get me in a plane and I was totally awesome; capping the mountain points on El Alamein by holding a low, tight spiral over the flag, dogfights over Iwo Jima, etc. Only thing I never got the hang of was bombing runs; I had a nasty tendency to blow myself up whenever I used the bombs. Oh well; I took out tanks with guns and extreme prejudice.

Then came Desert Combat. And the Black Hawk.

Oh, sure, the jets were fun. And yeah, the combat helicopter was the bees knees. But that black hawk, on a good team? I didn't get kills; no guns for the pilot. And I didn't get flag captures, not directly; trying to hover that long was an invite to get blown up. But you bet your ass I was fucking SURGICAL with my insertions in that baby; I could drop a full team on the rooftops of any building in the game. I could out-maneuver almost any other vehicle. And with a good gunner, I could OBLITERATE enemy forces. I was a battlefield mobility expert.

Regrettably, MOST pilots were so useless in the Black Hawk that people began to see it as a flying death-trap. You were more likely to get killed by your pilot than actually make it anywhere. So... teams willing and able to utilize my skills were rare. Most of the time, I was relegated to flying a plane... occasionally, with luck, the massive mobile spawn plane, which was equally deadly, so long as someone was playing defense against fighters. *sigh*.
Haha, good to see another chopper pilot who flies the same way I do.

For me it's always the gunner first, even in Cobras/Apaches. But goodness, that Black Hawk indeed, in BF2 too. I remember when you had a decent squad that repaired and had medpacks, before the minigun nerf, you'd just dominate the whole map.

In DC, my specialty was the Little Bird though, my God I flew that thing, I never got that sensation of flying ever again.

Mouse/keyboard only for me though, don't have the same precision with a joystick for some reason.

Get me in a plane though, and I'll fail horribly. But remember the AC130 on DC? That was fun to fly if your gunners were worth a damn, same principle as the Black Hawk.

Edit: Screw it, I'm installing the old gems.

'42 Update:
'42 DC Mod:
'42 Forgotten Hope Mod:

BF:V Update:

BF:2 Forgotten Hope Mod:

Never really tried any of the BF:V mods though.
Not that anyone will likely care, 'cause no one replied, but BF1942 is free on Origin now, if you haven't got a serial already.



Oh God, it's glorious.

There is a bunch of new EA servers up for it too, all populated. Haven't played this in a millennial, I always talked about doing it, but this is aces. Gotta see if DC Final has more servers too.
The old Battlefield games are tolerable, but screw it. Screw EA. They are like a disease which drags games and other companies stupid enough to partner with them to their early graves.

If you want a good FPS, PlanetSide 2 is utterly jaw dropping. This is definitely one those games people will refer to in the future as the game which birthed bla bla bla type of games. (I'm assuming a ton of other game companies will embrace the great persistant FPS world that PS is, they'd be stupid not to.)

Anyway stay clear of PS2 if your PC sucks, or just make sure you have a bucket of water handy to put it out when it bursts into flames. Tongue
I gave my PS2 beta key away months ago. Sad

SOE never let me retrieve my freaking password of my station account, was too lazy to make a new one.

Also, wtf? Obviously EA had to be EA... the Origin BF42 version can't log into old 'disc' servers, so until all the DC servers moved over (if they even will), it's hopeless...

Oh well, I got like 4 legit BF42 keys, not that it bothers me, lol, just a dick move.

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