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Pre-CU Kashyyyk
(2017-03-20, 10:14 AM)Lasko Wrote: Just checking the snapshot, theres a ton of stuf not ported over yet.

NGE collections and such.

Looking at the object id's, they may conflict as well

I am fixing the IDs...

and mind you - *I* am just doing the terrain plus worldbuilding and snapshot items, probably basic creatures/spawns.

I'm not touching quests, collections, loot, craftables.  Just the place for it all to come from.

I'm the planet man, that's all Tongue

What I'm doing on Choice Test right now is loading a few items server and client side, from the snapshot, but distributing the complete snapshot client-only so most of the items are a shared visual mod that don't require strings or server load. Of course, some will have to be interactive... but some never will be.

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