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Pre-NGE UI Mod for NGE servers.
As requested on IRC, here is the last revision I have of my Pre-NGE UI mod (ModSource UI Addon Pack), which was last updated by Caveman.

Quote:ModSource UI Addon Pack
Modification for SWG (for Game Update/Hotfix 21.1 and later*)
created by many, compiled by Caveman
ModSource @ http://www.modsource.org
This is a (re-)compilation of various addons for the User Interface of SWG that have been tweaked for the special needs of this Addon Pack. It has been created to make the SWG User Interface less awkward and less annoying to use. It features the evolution of the now defunct Anach's Pre-NGE UI which it is the spiritual successor of as well as over a dozen additional, custom color themes, Pre-NGE style cursors with eighty- and hundred percent size, new mail sounds, the removal of annoying interface sounds and much more.

This Mod is completely client side, which means it is only visible to you and others that are using this mod.
Make sure to install the latest version of the ModSource UI Addon Pack. Download it online at http://forum.modsource.org/index.php?topic=2.0 or allow the installer or auto-updater do it for you.
1. To install the Addon Pack, simply execute the included ModSource UI Addon Pack.exe.
2. The Installer will start.
It will check if you have the prerequisites installed. Make sure that you have uninstalled any old or incompatible versions of mods first (see the next section of this readme for instructions on how to do it).
If you have any other versions of the ModSource UI Addon Pack installed, the Installer will prompt you to uninstall it first. It's recommended to allow it to do so.
3. Make sure to follow the on-screen instructions closely. Sometimes during the installation, important information regarding the Installation will be displayed. Please read all information thouroughly and follow the instructions closely.
4. The Installer offers default settings for a quick installation as well as a custom installation that will allow you to configure the Addon Pack to your individual preferences. Simply check or uncheck the components you wish or do not wish to install. Hover your mouse cursor over an option and read the information to the right to see what each option does and which files it installs to which folders.
5. When prompted, choose the directory where SWG is installed in on your computer. If you wish to install the ModSource UI Addon Pack for Test Center, point it to the TestCenter directory (note that the current version of Test center may be incompatible with the current version of this modification as it's designed for live use).
6. When the installation is complete, start the game and enjoy!

Note: This mod will install folders with the included files into the game directory that will be used instead of the files in the game. No actual SWG game files will be overwritten. You can only run part of the files or all of them at once for the full experience. Read section VII. to see which files do what. Feel free to simply rename or delete the files you do not wish to use from the appropriate folder of your SWG directory.
To uninstall the mod, simply do the following:
1. Open your Windows Start Menu. Go to the Start Menu Folder the Installer created for you (Default is (All) Programs\Games\ModSource UI Addon Pack) and click on the Uninstall the ModSource UI Addon Pack shortcut.
If you have deleted your Start Menu shortcuts or chosen not to create them on install, you can also use Windows 7's Uninstall a program, Windows Vista's Uninstall or Change a Program or Add/Remove Programs (Windows XP and earlier).
Alternatively, you can go to the Mods\ModSource UI Addon Pack Folder inside your main SWG directory (default is C:\Program Files\StarWarsGalaxies) and manually run the Uninstaller file Uninstall the ModSource UI Addon Pack.exe.
2. Follow the On-Screen Instructions closely. The Uninstaller will now remove the files and folders previously created by the installer and attempt to restore any backups of the replaced files and folders from before the installation.
3. The Deinstallation will be complete.

- Evolution of the highly popular Anach's Pre-NGE UI and ModSource GUI Compilation.
- Interface with Pre-NGE Look and Feel based on the sadly defunct Anach's Pre-NGE UI
- Well over a dozen exclusive additional Custom Color GUI Themes for Ground and Space - now compatible with both Pre-NGE and NGE GUI!
- Custom 80% size as well as 100% size Cursors and Targeting Reticles based on pre-NGE cursors
- Custom character selection backgrounds
- New, more discernable "new mail" sound featuring C3PO
- No annoying sound upon toolbar item/special activation, too tired and other things!
- A whole new GUI skin and mouse cursors
- Various new Radar skins featuring logo overlays from the Star Wars Universe
- Functional Installer and Uninstaller:
+ Offers a quick installation of a default configuration
+ Maximum custmomizability! Features a Custom installation that will allow you to install components according to your individual preferences
+ Automatically checks for available updates (requires an active Internet connection)
+ Automatically checks if SWG is installed
+ Convenient Start Menu Shortcuts for easier Uninstallation, Updates, Readme file and website access.
+ Includes optional updater that will silently check for updates for the ModSource UI Addon Packon Windows Startup and prompt for an installation if a new version is found (requires an active Internet connection)
+ Allows installation without custom GUI color palettes to prevent crashes with future updates in case the ModSource UI Addon Pack isn't updated in time for whatever reason

The Compilation is based on the following modifications:
+ Heavy Weapon Reticle by Cowboy
+ Forest Moon Background - Character Selection Background by Monthigos
+ Battle Background - Character Selection Background by ukmic
+ Clean UI by Shemploo
+ ILM Final UI Addon by JarekCyphus

Addons exclusive to the ModSource UI Addon Pack:
+ [exclusive] Pre-NGE UI originally by Anach, maintained by Caveman
+ [exclusive] Custom UI Themes by Caveman
+ [exclusive] Custom Mail Sound by Caveman
+ [exclusive] Custom 80% size Cursors based on Pre-NGE by Caveman

Please contact the authors of the original modifications this compilation is based on if you need any help.

Version (Released September 22, 2011)
- Updated Pre-NGE UI to version 16.10.2101 (See Changelog)
- Updated ILM UI Addon for ILM Final (Cursors, Character selection Background, UI sounds, Inactive Ability Icon overlay)

Version (Released September 15, 2011)
- Updated Pre-NGE UI to version 16.10.2100 (See Changelog) to add the Enter Space button and prevent crashes when launching your ship for atmospheric flight.

Version (Released August 30, 2011)
- Updated Pre-NGE UI to version 16.9.2001 (See Changelog)

Version (Released August 18, 2011)
- Updated Pre-NGE UI to version 16.9.2000 (See Changelog)

Version (Released March 30, 2011)
- Updated Pre-NGE UI to version 16.9.1912 (See Changelog)

Version (Released February 2, 2011)
- Updated Pre-NGE UI to version 16.9.1905 (See Changelog)

Version (Released December 20, 2010)
- Updated Pre-NGE UI to version 16.9.1901 (See Changelog) to fix grey Health bars on NPCs not showing up in the primary and secondary target status window
- Compass Radar skin:
+ Fixed Compass Radar to show up when Show Terrain on Radar is deselected in the game
+ Changed Compass Radar overlay to show in the interface color currently selected

Version (Released December 18, 2010)
- Updated Pre-NGE UI to version 16.8.1901 (See Changelog)
- Installer changes:
+ When installing a new version over the old one and choosing the uninstall option, the uninstaller will now run silently
+ The installer .exe will now be copied into the \Mods\ folder within your SWG directory to allow easy reinstallation
+ Added a new start menu shortcut that allows reinstallation of the mod in case you wish to change options

Version (Released December 14, 2010)
- Updated Pre-NGE UI to version 16.8.1900 (See Changelog)
- Added custom, compass-style radar skins inspired by Shemploo's clean UI. Comes with various logo overlay options:
+ Plain compass without logo overlay
+ Compass with Mandalorian Mythosaur Skull overlay
+ Compass with Jedi Crest overlay
+ Compass with Rebel Alliance Starbird Crest overlay
+ Compass with Imperial Crest overlay
- Added custom red gradient unavailable ability icon overlay by Shemploo to replace the wax seal/stamp.

Version (Released November 16, 2010)
- Updated Pre-NGE UI to version 16.8.1803 (See Changelog)
- Added ILM UI Addon by JarekCyphus which adds another GUI skin, custom GUI colors, custom mouse cursors and a custom new background and new space reticles as optional components.

Version (Released October 22, 2010)
- Updated Pre-NGE UI to version 16.7.1800 (See Changelog)

Version (Released October 14, 2010)
- Updated Pre-NGE UI to version 16.7.1711 (See Changelog)

Version (Released September 2, 2010)
- Updated Pre-NGE UI to version 16.6.1706 (See Changelog)

Version (Released May 25, 2010)
- Updated Pre-NGE UI to version 16.6.1610 (See Changelog)

Version (Released May 20, 2010)
- Updated Pre-NGE UI to version 16.6.1609 (See Changelog)
- Added Forest Moon Character Selection background by Monthigos, which is now the default option.
- Added watermarks to character selection backgrounds
- Fixed an issue with the installer backup code and uninstaller which could cause conflicing mods that had been uninstalled before the mod to get falsely uninstalled

Version (Released May 18, 2010)
- Updated Pre-NGE UI to version 16.6.1608 (See Changelog)

Version (Released May 11, 2010)
- Updated Pre-NGE UI to version 16.6.1607 (See Changelog)

Version (Released May 4, 2010)
- Updated Pre-NGE UI to version 16.6.1606 (See Changelog)

Version (Released April 22, 2010)
- Updated Pre-NGE UI to version 16.5.1604 (See Changelog)

Version (Released March 23, 2010)
- Updated Pre-NGE UI to version 16.5.1600 (See Changelog)

Version (Released February 17, 2010)
- Fixed a minor bug with the installer/uninstaller
- Updated Pre-NGE UI to version 16.5.1505 (See Changelog)

Version (Released February 8, 2010)
- Tested with SWG Hotfix 15.3
- Fixed a Bug with the installer that caused a StarwarsGalaxies subdirectory to be created after browsing for the directory

Version (Released January 26, 2010)
- Updated for latest chapter compatibility to prevent crashes with Game Update 15
- Tweaked the installer for better operation
- Added a Section about custom GUI Color Palettes to the readme
- Updated Pre-NGE UI to version 16.4.1500 (See Changelog)

Version (Released October 13, 2009)
- Updated for latest chapter compatibility to prevent crashes with Game Update 14
- Fixed a couple of bugs with the installer
- Updated Pre-NGE UI to version 16.1.1400 (See Changelog)

Version (Released October 1, 2009)
- Updated for latest chapter compatibility to prevent crashes with Game Update 13
- Added installed files for UI elements to the descriptions of various installation options
- Added optional original Yellow Mouse Cursor for both 100% and 80% size cursors
- Added optional original Orange Targeting Reticle for both 100% and 80% size cursors
- Updated Pre-NGE UI to version 16.1.1300 (See Changelog)

Version (Released September 10, 2009)
- Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash in space with a certain combination of installed UI options
- Updated Pre-NGE UI to version 16.0.1203 (See Changelog)

Version (Released August 11, 2009)
- Added all the components of the final version of Anach's now-defunct Pre-NGE UI and updated them for Game Update 12 compatibility
- Added the features of Anach's Pre-NGE UI except the Examine Window with badges and custom options window for easier maintenance
- Updated ui_styles.inc to reflect the changes in Game Update 12.
- Changed the way color pallettes are arranged to make updating easier - moved pre-NGE Jedi Palettes from ui_styles.inc to the respective ui_palette*.inc files.
- ui_styles.inc is now only installed if you choose to install custom color palettes. This will allow users to install the ModSource UI Addon Pack without custom palettes to prevent crashes with newer updates to SWG in case a new version of the Pack isn't available in time.
- Updated the installer to cope better with the changes.
- The installer should now install in admin mode in Windows 7 and Vista.
- Start Menu Shortcuts should now install for all users in Windows 7 and Vista.
- Fixed Installer to also uninstall properly from Testcenter.
- Removed download of the defunct Anach's Pre-NGE UI modification as it is no longer being updated.
- Updated the silent and manual Auto Updaters to no longer check for a new version of Anach's Pre-NGE UI.
- Updated Pre-NGE UI to version 16.0.1200 (See Changelog)

Version 1.08 (Released February 23, 2009)
- Added checkbox to use the original in-game options instead of Anach's custom options window to prevent possible crashes.

Version 1.07.1 (Released February 12, 2009)
- Fixed updater to include new download and version file location caused by the ModSource move.
- Added secondary download locations to the updater in case something goes awry with ModSource again in the future.

Version 1.07 (Released February 10, 2009)
- Fixed a bug with the Installer/Updater not being able to download updated components in certain situations.
- Fixed a bug that could cause the option checkboxes in the current version of Anach's Pre-NGE UI to get messed up.

Version 1.06 (Released October 26, 2008)
- Fixed a problem with the Updater failing to update itself (requires a full uninstall of the ModSource UI Addon Pack without using the Updater!)
- Added new interface Color Theme: Caves of Illum (blue and white)
- Added new interface Color Theme: Shatterpoint (brown and gold)

Version 1.05 (Released June 15, 2008)
- Added Annoying UI Sound Removal Section:
+ Features a choice of 16 different UI sounds to remove.

Version 1.04 (Released June 12, 2008)
- Added a new interface Color Theme: Cloud City (white and light blue)
- Tweaked the installer for efficiency

Version 1.03 (Released June 7, 2008)
- Added a new interface Color Theme: Lapti Nek (light blue and pink)
- Slightly Updated installer to make messages and prompts a little bit clearer.
- Consolidated Silent Updaters into one that will now prompt for an update whenever new versions of either the ModSource Addon Pack or Anach's Pre-NGE UI are available to avoid problems with not uninstalling the ModSource UI Addon Pack before reinstalling Anach's Pre-NGE UI.

Version 1.02 (Released May 27, 2008)
- Updated installer for compatibility reasons
- Updated Silent Updater for Anach's Pre-NGE UI

Version 1.01 (Released May 3, 2008)
- Anach's Pre-NGE UI is no longer a requirement to be able to install the ModSource UI Addon Pack. It is now an entirely optional component. Checking the checkbox will download and install the latest version. You can uncheck it if you do not wish to install Anach's Pre-NGE UI (note that the custom UI colors won't work without it, however).
- Fixed a slight problem with one of the cursors.
- Added three new interface Color Themes: Rebel Dream (blue and red), Peaceful Alderaan (blue and green), Swamps of Dagobah (light blue and green)

Version 1.0 (Released April 29, 2008)
- Initial release of the Addon version.
+ Evolved from the popular ModSource GUI Compilation (discontinued).
- The decision to change it from a fully-working standalone compilation to a compilation of addons that requires Anach's Pre-NGE Ui to be installed first and separately has been made so this compilation won't have to be updated with every major change in Anach's release and ensure compatibility with future versions.
- Added Caveman's 80% size Custom Cursors based on the Pre-NGE Cursors.
- Added Caveman's 100% size Custom Cursors based on the Pre-NGE Cursors.
- Added a fully featured Installer/Uninstaller based on NSIS
+ The Installer now automatically checks for updates and prompts the user to download and install them
+ The Installer checks for prerequisites and prompts the user to download and install them with ModSource UI Addon Pack defaults.
+ The Uninstaller automatically restores backups.
+ Silent Update Checker that checks for Updates for the ModSource UI Addon Pack and Anach's Pre-NGE UI.
+ Added Start Menu Shortcuts for easier Uninstallation, Readme file and Link access.


The following files and folders have been included in this archive:

\Mods\ModSource UI Addon Pack\

Subfolders inside the main SWG Directory housing the Uninstaller, Readmes and Backup files for the ModSource UI Addon Pack

\Mods\ModSource UI Addon Pack\Readme ModSource UI Addon Pack.html

This readme file

\Mods\ModSource UI Addon Pack\Changelog_PreNGE_UI.txt

Changelog for the Pre-NGE UI included in the ModSource UI Addon Pack

\Mods\ModSource UI Addon Pack\Custom_Palettes.txt

Changelog for the Pre-NGE UI included in the ModSource UI Addon Pack

\Mods\ModSource UI Addon Pack\Uninstall*.exe


\Mods\ModSource UI Addon Pack\ModSource UI Addon Pack.exe

Copy of the Installer for easy reinstallation/option change

ModSource UI Addon Pack Uninstall.log

Log file for the Uninstaller - do not delete, or the Uninstaller won't function anymore!

\Mods\ModSource UI Addon Pack\* Auto Updater*.exe

Auto Updaters that check for the latest version of the ModSource UI Addon Pack as well as Anach's Pre-NGE UI online, download and install it. One normal, one silent. Silent can be set to check for updates on Windows Startup.


GUI files based on Anach's defunt Pre-NGE UI


File that allows use of custom color palettes. In case you're experiencing client crashes after a SWG update, try removing this file first or installing without it.


Custom ground GUI color palettes (includes Pre-NGE Jedi exclusive color palettes)


Custom space GUI color palettes (includes Pre-NGE Jedi exclusive color palettes)


Empty file for user-customized ground GUI color palettes


Empty file for user-customized ground GUI color palettes


Ground HUD base file


Custom space GUI color palettes


Character Status


Pet Status


Primary Target Status


Secondary Target Status


Group Window


Toolbar (Ground)




Location Display (coordinates)


Experience Monitor


Collections Window


Menu (Button or Horizontal Bar)


Toolbar (Space)


Menu (Space; Button or Horizontal Bar)


Space HUD base file (required for menu bar)


Net Status Window


Quest Helper (Ground)


Quest Helper (Space)


Targeting Reticles (Space)


Texture files for cursors and reticles


Texture file for Character Selection Background picture (ukmic's Battle Background)


Texture file for custom ILM GUI skin (Ground)


Texture file for custom ILM GUI skin (Space)


Texture file for custom ILM HUD skin (Space)


Texture file for Cowboy's Heavy Weapon Reticle


Sound sample for the new mail sound


Sound sample for various annoying interface sounds.


Various Icons for the Start Menu shorcuts


Individual Readme files of the included mods and their authors.

Update ModSource UI Addon Pack to the latest Version
ModSource - Your Source for SWG Modding Stuff

Internet Links

Custom GUI color palettes will have their own separate files for ground and space. This makes it easy to add new color palettes without it breaking the GUI with every update.

Currently the included palette files do not contain any custom palettes, but have been included to allow other people to create their own, or use external palette mods without it interferring with the ModSource UI Addon Pack's Custom Color Palette modification.

For ground palettes custom_ui_colors_ground.inc
For Space Palettes custom_ui_colors_space.inc

Thes files are located in the "UI" folder. For basic instructions on using these files, please check the Custom_Palettes.txt located in the\Mods\ModSource UI Addon Pack\Documentation sub-folder in the main SWG directory.

This means the custom colour palettes will work with every future version of the UI mod. Without needing to be updated everytime there is a change to ui_styles.inc.

For this reason, the UI Installer will not overwrite old palette files.
- Installing different modifications that aren't included in the ModSource UI Addon pack could lead to problems with the game, the mods itself or the restore backups functionality of the Uninstaller.
- The Installer has only been tested with 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Compatibility with other operating systems may or may not be given.
- *In case the game crashes while using the ModSource UI Addon Pack, try uninstalling it and re-installing it without Custom Color Palettes and possibly space GUI options. This may allow you to utilize the Pre-NGE UI but prevent possible crashes with newer SWG updates than in case a new version of the ModSource UI Addon Pack isn't available yet for whatever reason in the future. Alternatively, you could also simply rename or delete the file ui_styles.inc in your Ui\ Folder. This method isn't guaranteed to prevent crashes, but there is a chance.
This version of the ModSource UI Addon Pack has been tested with the SWG Live Update listed in the header of this document. While it might not be all that likely to happen, it may not work properly with future publishes or even cause crashes and other trouble.

If you are using mods and experiencing client crashes (especially after new Game Updates/Hotfixes/Publishes/Chapters), uninstall/remove all your modifications and try again. Incompatible Mods are a likely cause for crashes and other problems, so use them at your own risk and remove any mods before omplaining to customer service.

"Modders fix the mess the devs created."
Special thanks to Anach for creating and maintaining his Pre-NGE UI modification for such a long time. I will do my best to carry on your legacy.
Many thanks to Krayt, Anach, Combat_Medic, Cowboy, UnarmedHit3, hanshotfirst, JarekCyphus, Wefi as well as anybody else that has been forgotten and not explicitly mentioned by name and has actively or passively contributed to this mod!
Special thanks to all the folks at ModSource - YOUR source for SWG modding stuff - http://www.modsource.org for initially hosting this Mod. Very special thanks to all the great SWG fans as well as the devs that have created the various incarnations of this wonderful game we all love. This wouldn't have been possible without every single one of you!
DISCLAIMER: The author(s) of these files do not accept any responsibility for anything related to them. Use at your own risk! Please ask the respective author(s) if you want to use these files for anything else.


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