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Preview: SWB mesh tools (part 1)
Now that MTG has an art team, I no longer had an excuse not to produce some mesh tools!

These tools are part of SWB and provide import and export to FBX. This will include full support for animations, skeletons, portals and so on. FBX is a popular medium for importing and exporting game assets as all the popular modelling software (Maya, 3ds Max, Blender etc) have built in functionality for opening/saving them. 

In this first update, I'm showing off the swg->fbx flow. Some time in the next week or two I'll show fbx->swg which I'm currrently still tweaking. 

These tools will be available to test/use before the general release of SWB. This should be around Christmas time, once I've ironed out the bugs and feature gaps with the help of the art team.

Enjoy! Wink
Real nice work!!!!! Big Grin!! I CANT WAIT! By the way apologies to all about the lack of content on the Art forums, been very busy in real life but will be getting around to it later this month or December when the pressure eases a little.
Lead Artist of MTG's Game Art Team

Founder of Andromeda, the other galaxy far, far away....

Excellent work as always. Smile
Vaporware. Tongue
wow ! you all rock!
Are there any updates to this? I can't wait for it!
(2017-12-27, 11:24 AM)TJPlaysNow Wrote: Are there any updates to this? I can't wait for it!

Some real life stuff interfered with progress not long after this post, but I should be back on it soon. Smile
I definitely have plans for new wearable content, in the future.

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