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Problems turning on JediManager
first, this is not an OMG i want a jedi server thread. Im trying to learn to code and mod in core3 and ive been unable to solve this hurdle on my own. I did search here and swgemu before posting.

Trying to turn on Jedi and im getting these errors upon loading core3 and Jedi doesnt appear to be on. Can some explain where my issue is? Trying to setup the Hologrind version. Below are the error and JediManager screen shots. I appreciate any and all help as my background is Hardware and Networking. Software Programming is a new hobby.

Core3 Error :
[Image: WNcyYol.jpg]

Jedi Manager Settings
[Image: axxEGKB.jpg]
Hey onearm,

Unfortunately, server-side development discussion isn't apart of the goals of ModTheGalaxy. The best place for you to post to get assistance is the SWGEmu Development Discussion forum or the Server Development Discussions forum if it's for an online server community/group.

Alternatively, you can connect to SWGEmu IRC and join #opendev and ask there.

Hope this helps!
-Via Smile

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